Private Luxury Tours of Los Angeles


A PRIVATE TOUR experience with Elite Adventure Tours is always the best way to go for the ultimate touring adventure. 

A few reasons…

• We completely customize and personalize our tours. We take our guests to the sights they really want to see, not the ones that happen to be on our “route.” Because our tours are never “pre-packaged” in this way, it’s easy for us to be flexible. We can change course at a moment’s notice or even add more time to a tour. With a PRIVATE tour, we’re completely on YOUR schedule!

• We go anywhere, do anything. As a Los Angeles tour company we specialize in the sights and activities in our immediate neighborhood (Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, etc.) but we go well beyond our immediate area when we plan requested tours. Our guests have visited San Diego, Disneyland, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Yosemite and San Francisco as well as Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We arrange all transportation (ground and/or air) as well as handle accommodations and catered meals, and of course, we personally do the guiding and photography.

• You can ask questions of your tour guide “one-on-one” and actually engage with and converse with your Elite Adventure Tour specialist. If you want to learn more about a specific location or landmark, your tour guide can take the time needed to fully explain and talk with you about it. You can’t try that with the other tour companies!

• If you’d like to stop for coffee, no problem! If you’d like to stop for a sit-down meal, no problem! If you desperately need to use a restroom, we’re happy to stop for you – and we’ll find you a really nice one!

• On a private tour, the experience is just so much more enjoyable and comfortable. You sit comfortably among family and friends in our elegant and stylish luxury conversion vans, specifically designed for touring. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than being tightly sandwiched among strangers on an aging, ugly tour bus…but it’s worth it.

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