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Hollywood – A Different View 150 150 admin

Hollywood – A Different View

High Above Highland with Our Private Tour in Hollywood The Hollywood and Highland Center is a big place.  City block big.  Monumentally big.  As big as the epic silent movie set from which much of the mall’s design is drawn.  The fact that it is large means there are many places to eat, drink, shop…

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Floral Tribute to Nancy Reagan 150 150 admin

Floral Tribute to Nancy Reagan

Our Private Tour Through Bel Air Pays Respects to Nancy Reagan Memorial wreaths, flowers and mementos on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are regular sad sights on a private Los Angeles tour with us.  We make it a point to locate those stars who have recently passed away and show our guests the regard that…

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Bel Air – Neighborhood of the Stars 150 150 admin

Bel Air – Neighborhood of the Stars

Our Private Tour Guests Get to Know Bel Air This six square mile neighborhood of Los Angeles between Hollywood and the beach – one of the least densely populated areas of the city – is essentially a residential area with winding forested streets along large well-landscaped properties adjacent to UCLA.  When we are pointing out…

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It’s the Hollywood Jump 150 150 admin

It’s the Hollywood Jump

Private Tour Family Gets High at the Hollywood Sign None of our guides remember when this particular “pose” entered our repertoire for photographs we regularly take when we have our private Los Angeles tour groups up at the Hollywood Sign.  It has been a long time.  We have numerous possibilities if our families are shy…

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California Central Coast Beauty 150 150 admin

California Central Coast Beauty

A Private Tour Can See More of California than Los Angeles “Have Vehicles, Licenses, Certification…Will Travel.”*  We are not at all limited to Los Angeles or even Southern California.  We have guests who may start their sightseeing locally with us and see how we present the beauty, wonder and interesting points about Hollywood, Beverly Hills…

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Los Angeles Neon 150 150 admin

Los Angeles Neon

Our Private Tour Guests Says It Is Just Like in the Movies Los Angeles is associated with showy signage not only right now (along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in particular) but throughout its history.  When neon lights first came to Broadway in New York, Los Angeles was also embracing the nighttime rainbow displays for its buildings…

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Hearst Castle on a Los Angeles Tour 150 150 admin

Hearst Castle on a Los Angeles Tour

Hearst Castle as a Private Tour Destination We can list about five or six estates in California that can qualify as castles but only one of them is known that way – Hearst Castle (we are not including Hollywood’s Magic Castle in this discussion).   Hearst Castle was built in 1919 on a 40,000 acre estate…

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Saddle Ranch Chop House on L.A. Tour 150 150 admin

Saddle Ranch Chop House on L.A. Tour

Good Grub and Fun for Lunch on Private Tour The Sunset Strip between Hollywood and Beverly Hills is an exciting adventure in sightseeing for our private Los Angeles tour guests.  Restaurants, hotels, night clubs, boutique shopping and the billboards and banners make it one delectable boulevard of eye candy.  When we are here around lunch…

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Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – Movie Palace 150 150 admin

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – Movie Palace

Private Tour in Hollywood Can Mean Tour of Grauman’s Chinese Theater There are not many movie theaters across America that offer tours of their premises.  Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood does…and it should.  One of the most historic movie palaces in the country it is also one of the finest movie theaters.  Film lovers in…

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When Movies Premiere in Hollywood 150 150 admin

When Movies Premiere in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Might Get to See Movie Premiere Prep There are four major theaters right on Hollywood Boulevard and one nearby on Sunset Boulevard where the studios can stage a big Hollywood Premiere of a new movie.  These events happen quite regularly.  Disney Studios use their own El Capitan theater.  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre…

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