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Missing Garry Shandling 150 150 admin

Missing Garry Shandling

Comedy Is the Theme of This Private Tour of L.A. Los Angeles can be considered a comedy capitol.  We have wonderful and famous comedy clubs that arose from the nightclub era in the late ’60s and have flourished ever since.  Future comedians always make their way to Los Angeles to play these clubs and await…

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California Donuts, Anyone? 150 150 admin

California Donuts, Anyone?

California Donuts to Get Our Private L.A. Tour Going Showing off the various ethnic neighborhoods around Hollywood we might find ourselves near Koreatown and Little Bangladesh.  Besides the amazing aromas of tantalizing exotic foods wafting into the warm morning air of the city there is… what is that?… oh my, the scent of fresh baked…

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A Visit to Venice and the Canals 150 150 admin

A Visit to Venice and the Canals

Venice is More than a Beach for Our Private Tour Family After sightseeing around the highlights of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and with the temperature rising our private Los Angeles tour guests were eager to see the wide beaches, especially Venice Beach. The city is famous for its boardwalk (no longer wooden) and all the…

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Johnny Depp Was Here 150 150 admin

Johnny Depp Was Here

Johnny Depp Has His Fans on Our Private Tour of Hollywood Alice Through the Looking Glass is playing at the El Capitan Theater, a Disney movie palace on Hollywood Boulevard.  Our Los Angeles tour guests are admiring Johnny Depp’s hand and foot prints in the cement in the courtyard of the landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theater…

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Have Skateboard, Will Tour 150 150 admin

Have Skateboard, Will Tour

Our Guest Brings His Own Wheels on a Private Tour of Hollywood We put skateboards into our luxury SUV more often than skates but all wheels are welcome.  We have some gnarly hills in Hollywood and Beverly Hills for the young daredevils on our tours who want an incredible action picture to show their friends…

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Playboy Mansion – Back Door 150 150 admin

Playboy Mansion – Back Door

Even The Playboy Mansion Rear Entrance Impresses Our Private Tour Driveways of the rich and famous make for a very interesting part of almost all of our Los Angeles private tours.  Wrought iron gates and carriageways, curving pavements through elaborate portals, sculpted hedges and well-tended flowerbeds are all a part of the ride through celebrity…

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The Capitol of Hollywood Music 150 150 admin

The Capitol of Hollywood Music

Capitol Records Stands Out on a Private Tour in Hollywood Visitors with us on a Los Angeles private tour always notice that the “action” on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood seems to be bounded by Highland Avenue on one side and Vine Street on the other.  That is pretty much true.  From the 1940s onward this…

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Can’t Forget Marilyn 150 150 admin

Can’t Forget Marilyn

Our Private Tour Folks Still Like Her Hot Marilyn Monroe was a star of stars and continues to imbue the air of Hollywood with her beauty and style.  She has been gone now more than 50 years yet we can expect almost daily questions about her from our Los Angeles private tour guests.  We not…

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Photo Fun at the Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

Photo Fun at the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Guests Love to Goof Off Sightseeing is fun.  It is supposed to be an enjoyable way to learn about someplace you visit.  On a private tour in Los Angeles, however, our guests REALLY have fun.  This is not just a factor of our tour guides all being from the performing side of…

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Walk of Fame Stars That Kids Love 150 150 admin

Walk of Fame Stars That Kids Love

Our Private Tour Caters to Kids Most of the 2,500+ stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are known only to our more mature private Los Angeles tour guests.  Folks who have been around a while (at least since 1965 when the first stars were placed in the now famous Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk), seen lots…

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