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Summer is Gone 150 150 admin

Summer is Gone

One of the melancholy yet sweet occurrences that happens on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the rapid appearance of flowers, candles, memorials and other nostalgia items at the star of a recently deceased celebrity.  We took this photo just after the flowers arrived here at the star of Donna Summer while on a private…

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OMG! It’s Huge, It’s Beautiful, It’s Amazing! 150 150 admin

OMG! It’s Huge, It’s Beautiful, It’s Amazing!

Three of our luxury tour guests are simply amazed (one not so much) at the sudden appearance through the trees of … what were they looking at?  HINT: It’s a really big and famous sign in Hollywood.

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Public Art in Hollywood – Socialist or Satire? 150 150 admin

Public Art in Hollywood – Socialist or Satire?

A closed automobile dealership is where this bright sculpture of Vladimir Lenin looks out over the traffic on La Brea Boulevard in Hollywood. The Lenin sculpture, called "Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head," is a work by the Gao Brothers (Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang) of China. We captured…

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Escape the City for Wine 150 150 admin

Escape the City for Wine

As seen while landing in our helicopter at a private winery estate in the Malibu Hills, this rock formation is called Saddlerock. Our Urban Escape wine tasting adventure alights here for a catered lunch and private wine tasting session. Our guests enjoy their private, luxury tour and a chance to walk through the vineyard, see…

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Hollywood’s Skyline is Impressive 150 150 admin

Hollywood’s Skyline is Impressive

Hollywood has a pretty impressive skyline. Here is a photo taken from the Hollywood hills looking south across the Los Angeles basin (Palos Verdes in the distance). Elite Adventure Tours spends a lot of time in Hollywood as we provide our guests private, custom luxury tours of the neighborhoods and beaches, not to mention visits…

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There’s a Lake in Hollywood 150 150 admin

There’s a Lake in Hollywood

First filled (with more than 2.5 billion gallons of water) in 1925, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir is part of the Owens Valley water system that was designed by William Mulholland to provide a new and growing city of Los Angeles with the water it needed for survival and development.  This beautiful body of water is…

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Beware of the Sculls 150 150 admin

Beware of the Sculls

Peaceful, quiet and cool, the rowing team has its sculls out on the placid waters around Marina del Rey. Our guests relaxed to the calls of the coxswains with glasses of wine while on a private yacht tour of Marina del Rey.

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Our Lady of the Angels 150 150 admin

Our Lady of the Angels

Just across the street from the Music Center (and looming over the Hollywood Freeway) in downtown Los Angeles is this exquisite modern cathedral constructed after the Northridge earthquake significantly damaged St. Vibiana's. This new home of the Catholic archdiocese is a structure we love to point out when we are touring downtown and we always…

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The Price is Right 150 150 admin

The Price is Right

The Price is Right is just one of the shows regularly filmed at CBS Television City in Hollywood.  Also, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restless and Craig Ferguson’s late night show. Built in 1952 on the site of the former Gilmore Stadium, a professional football stadium and…

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Picture This 150 150 admin

Picture This

Everyone visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood brings a camera or at least a camera-equipped cell phone.  At Elite Adventure Tours we know and respect our guests and the photos they take.  However, we pride ourselves on grabbing especially great photos of ALL the guests (yes, dad will be in the pictures) and even working some…

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