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BOA – West Hollywood – Steaks, Wine 150 150 admin

BOA – West Hollywood – Steaks, Wine

We love to point out BOA Steakhouse as we drive by with our luxury tour guests leaving the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood and entering Beverly Hills to show them where many of the celebrity patrons of this fine restaurant live.  Susan Zechter writes in her book Celebrity Hot Spots that there have been 122 celebrity…

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The Mood, the Music and the Wine 150 150 admin

The Mood, the Music and the Wine

Looking for some fun on a Friday or Saturday night this summer?  Our guests aboard one of our private luxury tours in Los Angeles always ask us what we recommend.  We suggest a drive up into the Santa Monica Mountains along Mulholland Drive (the drive itself is fun!) and arriving at Malibu Wines for some…

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Farm-to-Picnic Meals 150 150 admin

Farm-to-Picnic Meals

We offer a number of regular tours around Los Angeles, Malibu and Venice Beach that include a picnic lunch.  We did a lot of work to find the perfect business to provide the gourmet picnic lunches adequate and appropriate for the private luxury tour guests of Elite Adventure Tours.  We are fortunate to have found…

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Downtown Los Angeles Skyline 150 150 admin

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline

We like the skyline views of the city and try to capture the photos whenever we can from wherever we are.  We take our private luxury tour guests up in the Hollywood hills and follow Mulholland to some excellent scenic overlooks where you can see downtown Los Angeles in all its glory.

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Buffaloes Above the Surf 150 150 admin

Buffaloes Above the Surf

This photograph was taken on a recent private luxury tour by helicopter to our favorite Malibu winery for a private tasting session (and gourmet picnic lunch) and then a stroll through the private zoo to pet the assorted friendly creatures enjoying a comfortable California lifestyle.  While most of our guests visiting Los Angeles are pleased…

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You’ll Never Walk Alone 150 150 admin

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Well, in this case Elvis was walking alone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as our tour guide approached with a private, luxury tour group on a custom tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Oddly, right beside this Catherine Hardwicke designed sculpture at the start of the Walk of Fame is where Elvis…

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The New Sikorsky 150 150 admin

The New Sikorsky

The most recent addition to the fleet of helicopters we have available for private luxury tours of Los Angeles and surrounding areas is the only Sikorsky S76 on the west coast.  This beautiful corporate twin jet helicopter offers amenities similar to what we have built into our own luxury vehicles.  Our guests can enjoy incredible…

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Automatic Cupcake Machine (ACM) 150 150 admin

Automatic Cupcake Machine (ACM)

Walking around Beverly Hills late at night with an overwhelming desire for a baked good with icing?  Well, there is now a solution to that particular problem — the Sprinkles cupcake vending machine on little Santa Monica Boulevard between Camden and Bedford.  Using the ACM is as much fun as eating the cupcake you purchase…

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When You Swish Upon a Star 150 150 admin

When You Swish Upon a Star

During our busy summer season we expect to be walking with our guests and our camera along the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard every day.  Sometimes more than once a day.  We are here so often that nothing we see surprises us any more.  Crazy costumed characters, bewildered visitors, excited children, vendors selling who…

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Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go 150 150 admin

Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

Food truck culture is as much a part of the Los Angeles food scene as the many high priced celebrity eateries and remaining Route 66 greasy spoons.  Lobsta Truck is one of our favorites.  Justin Mi got the idea on a summer trip to Maine (where else when you think of lobster?) and returning home created…

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