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A Star is Born 150 150 admin

A Star is Born

Here is a photograph we took while on a private custom luxury tour of Hollywood with a family visiting Los Angeles.  It is a Walk of Fame star while it is being constructed.  Who could it be for?  The next Walk of Fame ceremony, scheduled for September 4th, is for Ellen Degeneres.  Join us for a…

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Playmates Enter Here 150 150 admin

Playmates Enter Here

Like Moses parting the Red Sea a beautiful woman can get the gates to the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills to swing wide open.  It is a beautiful summer day as we pass by with our guests who are enjoying a private, custom luxury tour of Los Angeles.  We had already taken them up to…

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Where to Fish in Santa Monica 150 150 admin

Where to Fish in Santa Monica

A common food question that we hear as we enjoy our private luxury tours in the beach community of Santa Monica is where is a good place for a fun seafood dinner.  We recommend Enterprise Fish Co. on Kinney Street between Main Street and Neilson Way.  They have an outstanding fish and seafood menu, a…

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Pretty in Pink Cars 150 150 admin

Pretty in Pink Cars

We certainly see many famous faces as we take our private luxury tours around Los Angeles to see the sights in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu.  The beauty of a custom tour is that when we see something interesting we can just stop and take a long, close look.  Driving through Santa  Monica…

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Teena Marie, Venice R&B Artist Remembered 150 150 admin

Teena Marie, Venice R&B Artist Remembered

Venice, California is the bohemian capital of Los Angeles and possesses dramatic murals throughout the neighborhood.  One of the most recent additions is this Teena Marie mural.  We took this photo during a private luxury tour while showing our guests the local seaside communities.  Besides Venice we visited Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Malibu. …

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Wet Your Whistle at the Pig ‘n Whistle 150 150 admin

Wet Your Whistle at the Pig ‘n Whistle

At one time with 20 restaurants up and down the west coast, the Hollywood location of the Pig ‘n Whistle has always been the flagship restaurant for the chain and Los Angeles the headquarters.  Completely renovated the Hollywood restaurant offers excellent choices for meals and drinks in a comfortable setting right on Hollywood Boulevard next…

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Justin Bieber Stands Here 150 150 admin

Justin Bieber Stands Here

Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up!  Here Justin and his friends, Audrey Hepburn and Justin Bieber, are all cardboard standees in one of our favorite Hollywood Boulevard souvenir stores (near the El Capitan Theater).  Our private luxury tour guests in Los Angeles will often want to pick up fake Oscar and Emmy awards,…

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Laugh It Up! 150 150 admin

Laugh It Up!

There are a number of truly great comedy clubs in Los Angeles where the best comedians in the world bring their “A” game to discerning comedy lovers.  One of those clubs on the Sunset Strip is the Laugh Factory.  Famous for its Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for entertainers away from home it is definitely a…

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Rome? Venice? It’s Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Rome? Venice? It’s Beverly Hills

This great shot of the grand staircase of One Rodeo leads down to Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills right across the street the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  Many of our private luxury tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills will stop nearby so we can take our guests through this beautiful plaza and visit the…

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Picture of a Picture 150 150 admin

Picture of a Picture

A major element of our private luxury tours of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood is our photography.  We carry a digital SLR camera at all times and know where the photographs can be taken.  We encourage our guests to take their own photographs and then we can shoot them taking their…

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