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Malibu Rocky Oaks Tour: Wine and Sunset 150 150 admin

Malibu Rocky Oaks Tour: Wine and Sunset

This Private Tour is Private at the Destination We have this extraordinary luxurious estate all to ourselves for an exclusive wine tasting as we watch the sun set.  The drive itself from Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast Highway (“PCH”) and then up through the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu itself is amazing, jawdropping to…

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No Sweat on This Cycle 150 150 admin

No Sweat on This Cycle

One Awesome Way to Tour Venice Beach One should not be drinking and driving is the rule but there are exceptions.  One exception, for instance, is you’re not exactly driving but rather pedaling.  On the Barcycle.  There are several advantages to a fun tour of Venice Beach bars on the Barcycle.  You can enjoy a…

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10/4 for that Hollywood Tour 150 150 admin

10/4 for that Hollywood Tour

Our Private Tour Is Introduced to 10-4 Day “10-4,” “Roger that,” “Copy” – all expressions we know from countless years watching police procedurals on television and enjoying cops in the movies.  But where did they originate and why are they still used?  Turns out that the Ten Code (like 10-4) was developed in 1937 as…

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This Happens All the Time in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

This Happens All the Time in Los Angeles

We Expect This When Our Private Tour Arrives in Hollywood Our guides are so experienced they know just where to stand as their Los Angeles private tour guests follow them up any of a number of pathways to an extraordinary view of the Hollywood Sign.  We always take a number of photographs of the guests…

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Jean-Luc Picard Beams Down to Hollywood 150 150 admin

Jean-Luc Picard Beams Down to Hollywood

Our Private Tour Turns Out to Be Trekkies “Quick, pull over, I just saw Jean-Luc Picard,” cries one of our Los Angeles private tour guests as the SUV arrived near the Hollywood and Highland Center.  Seldom do we get such an excited desire to pull over as this time but the tour guide quickly parked…

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Hollywood – Bring Your Friends 150 150 admin

Hollywood – Bring Your Friends

Get Your Gang on a Los Angeles Private Tour Certainly it is fun and rewarding to travel with your lover or your family and enjoy a vacation in beautiful Southern California.  We see the joy in the faces of our private tour guests all the time as they become excited to see the homes of…

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Chewbacca for President 150 150 admin

Chewbacca for President

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Are Undecided You might think that a visit to Hollywood‘s historic center would be a good way to avoid the presidential campaign and all the craziness surrounding our upcoming election.  Turns out that is not the case.  Chewbacca is mounting a third party campaign of his own and attracting a…

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Come Fly with Us Over Malibu 150 150 admin

Come Fly with Us Over Malibu

Paraplane or Parasail Our Private Tour Guests Wonder This strange bird that we encountered above PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Malibu is technically a PPC (powered parachute) or a paraplane in less abbreviated parlance.  Seeing something strange in the air near the ocean is not exactly unusual anywhere in Southern California including the chic zip…

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Jazz Hands, Rock and Country, Too 150 150 admin

Jazz Hands, Rock and Country, Too

The Rockwalk ROCKS Says Our Private Tour Folks There was a time when the Rockwalk, a cement portico at the entrance of Hollywood’s Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, was a true tourist draw.  Induction ceremonies were pretty regular and well attended by local rock stations and music industry people.  There were crowds like there were…

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Visit Venice in the Fall 150 150 admin

Visit Venice in the Fall

Enjoy Los Angeles on a Private Tour After School Starts We in beach communities can always tell when summer is over and school has begun.  The weekday crowds thin out greatly and we have the beach and the coastal businesses to ourselves once again.  Parking is easy and lines are short if there are lines…

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