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Costumes of the Rich and Famous 150 150 admin

Costumes of the Rich and Famous

Ann Hathaway's White Queen wardrobe from Alice in Wonderland This is the 20th year that the Fashion Institute of Design and Manufacturing (FIDM) in downtown Los Angeles has exhibited costumes from films celebrated in the past year for their magnificent clothing designs.  This year there are more than 100 costumes from more than 20 films…

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Jesus of Hollywood 150 150 admin

Jesus of Hollywood

Jesus, one of the special characters we see on our tours of Hollywood.

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Observing the Observatory 150 150 admin

Observing the Observatory

In a helicopter above the Griffith Park Observatory

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Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too 150 150 admin

Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too

Catching rays in the marina aboard a private yacht

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Bugs on the Beach for FUN! 150 150 admin

Bugs on the Beach for FUN!

Intense tents on the beach in Santa Monica We do not normally advertise an infestation on a public Santa Monica beach but this time it is different.  Beneath the gigantic blue and yellow tents billowing beside the Santa Monica pier is the temporary home (through March 11th) of Cirque du Soleil.  The magic of Cirque…

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Hungry, my Little Dumpling? 150 150 admin

Hungry, my Little Dumpling?

Flaming the Wok -- Kung Pao Shrimp The Palace Restaurant in Los Feliz is one of the finer Chinese eating experiences you will enjoy in Los Angeles. Los Feliz holds many secrets but, oh my, the soup dumplings at The Palace must be one of the best kept secrets in all of Los Angeles.  And…

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Viewing the City 150 150 admin

Viewing the City

Another beautiful day, another beautiful view of Los Angeles

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The Bathroom at The Penthouse at The Huntley 150 150 admin

The Bathroom at The Penthouse at The Huntley

The views: the meal, your companion, the shoreline Voted the Best Restaurant Bathroom by the LA Weekly, let’s just say that that is the least reason to spend an evening dining in resplendent luxury at the Huntley Hotel’s Penthouse restaurant. At THE PENTHOUSE, LA dining and nightlife soars to breathtaking new heights. Venture into this Santa Monica…

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Ready for a Red O $100 Margarita? 150 150 admin

Ready for a Red O $100 Margarita?

Rick Bayless, the famous Chicago name behind this swanky, often-packed Mexican restaurant, created the menu. Its rooms are divided by garage-style doors, and it has a retractable skylight, tequila lounge and long bar, a wall of antique bells, a vast communal table and wall art resembling box springs. Favorites include the goat cheese tamales and…

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Terranea from the Air 150 150 admin

Terranea from the Air

The beautiful Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes peninsula south of Los Angeles

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