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Get Them to the Greek 150 150 admin

Get Them to the Greek

Saturday, May 26th, at the Greek Amphitheater in Griffith Park, go and hear WAR, Tower of Power and Average White Band for an evening of fun funkadelia and ear pleasing big band rock and soul music. War Tower of Power Are you wondering with us if the green room at the Greek is big enough…

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Nat King Cole’s Giant Stack of Records 150 150 admin

Nat King Cole’s Giant Stack of Records

So many amazing artists have worked and created so much beloved and lasting music at this building over the past 56 years that even our knowledgeable tour guides have difficulty remembering all those who recorded here, even those with stars on the Walk of Fame right outside the building.  But we try.  We even will…

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More Pantry 150 150 admin

More Pantry

From a coffee cup photo inside The Original Pantry to a wonderful original painting of The Pantry by Richard Bunkall, a prominent California painter whose singular style captivates so many appreciative art lovers.  We include this painting here for two reasons: a relatively recent blog about The Pantry received a great deal of internet attention…

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Dark Shadows of Hollywood 150 150 admin

Dark Shadows of Hollywood

Sometimes we cannot show our private luxury tour guests visiting Hollywood the Chinese Theater courtyard with its celebrity hand and footprints because a studio has rented the facility for a big movie premiere.  This day it was for Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton’s feature, DARK SHADOWS.

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OMG! It’s Huge, It’s Beautiful, It’s Amazing! 150 150 admin

OMG! It’s Huge, It’s Beautiful, It’s Amazing!

Three of our luxury tour guests are simply amazed (one not so much) at the sudden appearance through the trees of … what were they looking at?  HINT: It’s a really big and famous sign in Hollywood.

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Dine at The Bazaar 150 150 admin

Dine at The Bazaar

Turning hotel dining on its ear, something you would expect at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, The Bazaar is an elegant yet unique eating and drinking experience enjoyed by many of our private luxury tour guests staying at the hotel or who just find The Bazaar and tell us about it during their tour…

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Public Art in Hollywood – Socialist or Satire? 150 150 admin

Public Art in Hollywood – Socialist or Satire?

A closed automobile dealership is where this bright sculpture of Vladimir Lenin looks out over the traffic on La Brea Boulevard in Hollywood. The Lenin sculpture, called "Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head," is a work by the Gao Brothers (Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang) of China. We captured…

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Mountain Palace in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Mountain Palace in Hollywood

This is an old postcard showing the historic Hollywood residence that would be become Yamashiro Restaurant, perched 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard and offering spectacular views to diners enjoying the amazing Asian fusion cuisine served at the restaurant (not to mention excellent bar drinks).  We love to drive our private luxury tour guests up the…

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Marry Me! 150 150 admin

Marry Me!

Most of the times the purpose of our helicopter tours is to show off the sights of Los Angeles from the air. But sometimes we end up with another reason for flying over all the great things to see in Los Angeles. In this case it was so that a marriage proposal could be offered.…

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Not a Scary Art Museum 150 150 admin

Not a Scary Art Museum

In 1957 Vincent Price donated 90 pieces of art from his extensive collection to start a working art gallery at East Los Angeles College. Today that collection has more than 8,000 items (over 2,000 from Mr. Price) in its permanent collection and a wonderful new gallery building. Often overlooked as a destination for art lovers,…

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