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Face Plant at Muscle Beach 150 150 admin

Face Plant at Muscle Beach

You never know what you are going to find when exploring Muscle Beach along the Venice Boardwalk.  Famous for the body building beach denizens early in the history of Venice, when Arnold “Governator” Schwarzennegger was sweating over heavy weights early in his southern California career the area became notorious.  Now it is built up and…

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Summer is Here and the Beaches Beckon 150 150 admin

Summer is Here and the Beaches Beckon

Whether or not the start of summer is official, schools are letting out, families are traveling and the siren song of the shore is getting loud and difficult to ignore.  We do not often get to spread a blanket and relax while on a private luxury tour of the beach communities but if our guests…

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Cod Save the Queen 150 150 admin

Cod Save the Queen

While we wish the queen well on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee, this photograph that we captured on a luxury private tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills speaks volumes of the Los Angeles food truck culture.  Hundreds and hundreds of these gourmet vehicles ply the streets of our community and offer a…

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There’s the Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

There’s the Hollywood Sign

Riding up Beachwood Drive you get this wonderful view of the Hollywood sign up toward the top of Mt. Lee as a backdrop to the homes built along the canyon.  Folks on buses only get this close as larger vehicles cannot negotiate the twists and turns of the small canyon roads leading higher up the…

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Strap On 150 150 admin

Strap On

Our Los Angeles luxury tour business depends on our cameras (Nikon D90s).  We photograph everything and our drivers and guides all must carry the cameras everywhere.  Today we are plugging the Blackrapid company whose straps we use.  We never worry about the camera falling off, that’s for sure.  The strap also carries extra memory cards,…

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June Gloom follows May Gray 150 150 admin

June Gloom follows May Gray

This is the reason we so enjoy the occasional evening luxury tours of Los Angeles we get do with our guests.  Everything looks different.  But as photographers we find there is still plenty of light.  This view looking toward Santa Monica from the Hollywood Hills shows the marine layer making its way onshore where it…

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Fig & Olive – Melrose Place 150 150 admin

Fig & Olive – Melrose Place

Do you like olive oil?  Food prepared with the best oils available and the expertise to make those selections?  What about figs? In our own beautiful Mediterranean climate here is the perfect dining venue to provide us with unparalleled cuisine perfectly matched to our weather and culture.  Using only olive oils to prepare the food,…

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Look Up, Look Down and See the Stars 150 150 admin

Look Up, Look Down and See the Stars

Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in the United States, is home to the Griffith Observatory, a wonderful science museum focusing on our place in the cosmos.  We drive up there often with our guests on our private luxury tours of Los Angeles to see the museum and the amazing views afforded by…

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Giant Sloth and Little Guy 150 150 admin

Giant Sloth and Little Guy

Who says little kids can’t enjoy a tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood?  Especially a private, luxury tour customized to please them.  Here we are at the La Brea tar pits, a large park in the middle of Los Angeles complete with sculptures of long extinct animals for Alex to climb on and have us…

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A CUT Above 150 150 admin

A CUT Above

Wolfgang Puck continues to create masterpiece restaurants with CUT, a wonderful steakhouse at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.  This elegant hotel, renowned as the Pretty Woman hotel (and still has a small display of movie memorabilia from the film), moves to attract a modern meat loving crowd with a Richard Meier designed open,…

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