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Two Rodeo is Number One! 150 150 admin

Two Rodeo is Number One!

A pedestrians-only cobblestone road curves through Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills and past all the amazing store fronts.  Just window shopping is an eye-popping experience.  Just to name a few of the world renowned businesses inviting you inside: Tiffany & Co., Versace, Jimmy Choo, Damiani, Vertu and Breguet.  All of our luxury tours of the…

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Do You Love Chocolate? 150 150 admin

Do You Love Chocolate?

Wisely called the Rolls Royce of chocolate, K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills is a chocolate lover’s dream shop.  This is the kind of luxury chocolate that we like to bring our tour guests visiting the Golden Triangle by to sample and purchase.  From the inventors of the chocolate covered strawberry comes a variety of tasty…

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Public Art in Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Public Art in Beverly Hills

Maybe it is just our clientele but we often find ourselves being asked about public art in general or about specific pieces that we encounter while on a private luxury tour around Los Angeles.  We could easily do a tour just of public art.  A tour of public art in Beverly Hills would take all…

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Drive Me Faster Tiny Roadster 150 150 admin

Drive Me Faster Tiny Roadster

No one would dispute that the City of Angels is also the City of Automobiles.  Los Angeles is famous, or infamous, for its traffic.  One solution to being stuck on the roadway is to be driving a cool little roadster.  We have no idea what kind of car this is but it flashed by our…

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The Amazing Spider-man in Action! 150 150 admin

The Amazing Spider-man in Action!

Our tour guide was walking with his private luxury tour group through Hollywood at just the right moment to capture this extraordinary photograph of Spider-man nabbing an errant construction worker nearby.  As we have a high quality Nikon digital camera with us at all times we collect great photographs for our guests at all the…

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Welcome to L.A. 150 150 admin

Welcome to L.A.

We here in Los Angeles are a motoring community as the world knows but we do not all motor in the same way.  This attractive woman rides a scooter and scoots with her pet Pomeranian secured in her backpack.  We, thankfully, get a very big smile as we drive by in a big black luxury…

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I Shot and Arrow into the Air and Found a Purse 150 150 admin

I Shot and Arrow into the Air and Found a Purse

While enjoying a visit to the Hollywood & Highland Center this week we decided to visit the lower shopping level below the newly renamed Dolby Theater.  Our luxury private tour guests had already walked Rodeo Drive and Robertson Avenue in Beverly Hills and seen a fair share of attractive window displays but this one really…

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Where Does Lindsay Lohan Like to Eat? 150 150 admin

Where Does Lindsay Lohan Like to Eat?

Even as a luxury private tour provider, and regularly around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air, we are always asked where to go to see celebrities.  Of course we can provide answers depending on who is asking and whom they are asking about.  However, we are now carrying Susan Zechter’s two new guides (Celebrity Hot…

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The Fountain Coffee Room — Milkshakes Anyone? 150 150 admin

The Fountain Coffee Room — Milkshakes Anyone?

Even before there was officially a city of Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Hotel was open and serving guests in the luxurious and opulent style that is still their hallmark today.  No wonder they called it the Pink Palace.  Even today it serves Hollywood royalty. Downstairs from the lobby is one of the finest little…

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Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can 150 150 admin

Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can

No, this is not a publicity opportunity for the filmmakers of the next Spiderman movie (The Amazing Spider-man) due out this summer.  This guy had to remove a bag of garbage to make room for himself atop the refuse container in order to solicit money from the Hollywood Boulevard tourists walking by.  What’s that smell,…

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