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City Lights as Art 150 150 admin

City Lights as Art

This amazing installation by Chris Burden in the courtyard of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is called URBAN LIGHT and consists of 202 former Los Angeles city streetlights.  The lights, powered by solar energy, are illuminated from sunset to sunrise each day.  We love to pass by when we are on a…

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Buffaloes Above the Surf 150 150 admin

Buffaloes Above the Surf

This photograph was taken on a recent private luxury tour by helicopter to our favorite Malibu winery for a private tasting session (and gourmet picnic lunch) and then a stroll through the private zoo to pet the assorted friendly creatures enjoying a comfortable California lifestyle.  While most of our guests visiting Los Angeles are pleased…

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Iowa in California 150 150 admin

Iowa in California

One of the greatest warships ever commissioned (1942), the USS Iowa served the US Navy nobly until 1990 and has now found a permanent home in southern California’s quaint port city of San Pedro, just south of Los Angeles.  Located between the cruise ship terminal and Ports o’ Call Village along the nicely developed waterfront,…

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Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax 150 150 admin

Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax

Fresh fruit and nuts in an outdoor market setting, in Hollywood, every day — that’s the original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles.  This is one of the best places to stop on our private custom luxury tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills for our Los Angeles guests who we want to…

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America’s Next Top Model 150 150 admin

America’s Next Top Model

Nothing marks a trip to Los Angeles better than a photograph posing in front of the Hollywood sign.  All our private, custom luxury tours around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills drive up through the Hollywood Hills until we are close enough to this most famous of billboards to take fantastic photos that our guests…

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Go SIDEWAYS with Rex Pickett 150 150 admin

Go SIDEWAYS with Rex Pickett

We love taking our private luxury tour guests up past Santa Barbara to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley for a visit to wineries located in that region and made popular by the success of the film Sideways.  The drive to the Santa Ynez Valley in our luxury vehicle is spent watching the movie on the…

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Spotlight on Hollywood (and Vine) 150 150 admin

Spotlight on Hollywood (and Vine)

This nice foreshortened photograph taken on a recent private luxury tour of Hollywood shows one of the moving spotlights set up at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  The Capitol Records building looms in the background.  This is such a great corner these days with new restaurants, hotels and nightclubs nearby and the always exciting…

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Have a Booming Independence Day! 150 150 admin

Have a Booming Independence Day!

There are over 400 firework displays across the United States at sundown on July 4th.  One of the biggest and the best is the pyrotechnic show culminating a day of fun and celebration at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.  The field in front of the stadium is open all day to Independence Day revelers…

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There’s WHAT behind me? 150 150 admin

There’s WHAT behind me?

The TRANSFORMERS have arrived at Universal Studios in Hollywood.  The ride is astounding, 3D simulation at its best and everyone loves it.  The characters are generally easy to find except when they sneak up behind you.  The best way to enjoy TRANSFORMERS and all the other Universal Studios attractions is to take the VIP Experience…

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When You Swish Upon a Star 150 150 admin

When You Swish Upon a Star

During our busy summer season we expect to be walking with our guests and our camera along the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard every day.  Sometimes more than once a day.  We are here so often that nothing we see surprises us any more.  Crazy costumed characters, bewildered visitors, excited children, vendors selling who…

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