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Villa Blanca – Fine Mediterranean Dining in Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Villa Blanca – Fine Mediterranean Dining in Beverly Hills

The Mediterranean climate of Beverly Hills almost demands that there be a Villa Blanca restaurant.  The decor is open and airy, white, cool and flowing — a perfect setting for Chef Francis Dimitrius’ menus inspired by the traditional meals of Europe and the Mediterranean.  Located at Brighton Way and Camden Drive in Beverly Hills’ Golden…

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Floating Along a Venice Canal 150 150 admin

Floating Along a Venice Canal

Lots of people love to walk the Venice (California) canals and enjoy the sounds of water birds (and jets departing from nearby LAX).  We love to have guests on our private luxury tour of Los Angeles beach cities (Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Malibu) willing to park nearby and walk the waterways and…

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Kermit Welcomes You to the Henson Studios 150 150 admin

Kermit Welcomes You to the Henson Studios

We capture this image of the entrance to the Henson Studios on La Brea in Hollywood regularly, especially when we have young people on a private luxury tour around Los Angeles.  We specialize in custom tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills so we can choose where to take our guests based on their interests and…

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The Noisy Los Angeles Skyline 150 150 admin

The Noisy Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles possesses a beautiful skyline that can be seen with mountains or the Pacific Ocean or simply a highway full of traffic.  We spend a great deal of time in traffic on our private luxury tours around Los Angeles whether on the freeways or on the streets of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice or Santa…

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Justin Bieber Stands Here 150 150 admin

Justin Bieber Stands Here

Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up!  Here Justin and his friends, Audrey Hepburn and Justin Bieber, are all cardboard standees in one of our favorite Hollywood Boulevard souvenir stores (near the El Capitan Theater).  Our private luxury tour guests in Los Angeles will often want to pick up fake Oscar and Emmy awards,…

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Kerry and Misty May in the Roosevelt Lobby 150 150 admin

Kerry and Misty May in the Roosevelt Lobby

Even Hollywood, old Hollywood, like the historic Roosevelt Hotel, has means for visitors in their lobby to keep up-to-date with competition at the London Olympics with the large screen television erected for the occasion.  Just to the left and across the hallway is the Blossom Room where the first Academy Awards were hosted.  This is…

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Oh My Umami Burger! 150 150 admin

Oh My Umami Burger!

This is not just another restaurant opening in Los Angeles, oh no, this is the opening of the flagship facility for that highly successful hamburger enterprise we all love, Umami Burger.  Their 12th location is at the Grove, our favorite location for meeting our private luxury tour guests driving into Los Angeles wanting to see…

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Take Those Narrow Roads Slowly 150 150 admin

Take Those Narrow Roads Slowly

There are narrow winding roads that we travel on our private luxury tours of Hollywood especially as we head up to see the Hollywood sign.  Riding through what was once Hollywoodland (established in 1923), a planned development accessible on horseback, it is a good idea to sit back and relax and drive those roads slowly…

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Johnny Weissmuller – Olympic Swimmer 150 150 admin

Johnny Weissmuller – Olympic Swimmer

One of the most notorious places we visit on all our celebrity homes tours is the former home of Johnny Weissmuller on St. Pierre Road in Bel Air.  The 8,700 square foot Mediterranean revival home was designed by Paul Williams in 1931 for Olympic swimmer Weissmuller (5 gold medals) who was then famous as movieland’s…

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Visiting the Queen of Pin-Ups 150 150 admin

Visiting the Queen of Pin-Ups

Bettie Page, the Queen of Pin-Ups, is buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, a tiny cemetery behind a movie theater on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood.  This beautiful little park is chock full of famous names and always stimulates lots of happy memories of movies, television and music as we walk amongst the markers. Learn…

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