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Missing Garry Shandling 150 150 admin

Missing Garry Shandling

Comedy Is the Theme of This Private Tour of L.A. Los Angeles can be considered a comedy capitol.  We have wonderful and famous comedy clubs that arose from the nightclub era in the late ’60s and have flourished ever since.  Future comedians always make their way to Los Angeles to play these clubs and await…

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The Cycle of Wine 150 150 admin

The Cycle of Wine

A Tasty Private Tour of the Santa Ynez Valley From a winery in downtown Los Angeles to numerous fine tasting rooms in nearby Malibu we can also drive, or fly in a luxury helicopter, south to the Temecula wine region or north to the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.  That is a lot of…

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A Visit to Venice and the Canals 150 150 admin

A Visit to Venice and the Canals

Venice is More than a Beach for Our Private Tour Family After sightseeing around the highlights of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and with the temperature rising our private Los Angeles tour guests were eager to see the wide beaches, especially Venice Beach. The city is famous for its boardwalk (no longer wooden) and all the…

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Pepperdine University by the Sea 150 150 admin

Pepperdine University by the Sea

Beautiful Seaside College for Our Private Tour Guests to Visit Many of our guests visiting Southern California and enjoying a private tour of Los Angeles will ask that we drive onto the campus when we get near Pepperdine University in Malibu.  The school was founded by George Pepperdine who started Western Auto Supply Company with…

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G.O.A.T. Was Here in Hollywood 150 150 admin

G.O.A.T. Was Here in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Touched by Muhammad Ali Tributes The timing was not exactly right that we could bring our Los Angeles private tour guests to the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the time the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented a memorial wreath at the wall-mounted star of Muhammad Ali.  The Greatest of All Time…

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Chateau Marmont – Style on the Strip 150 150 admin

Chateau Marmont – Style on the Strip

Our Private Tour Likes the Look of the Chateau Marmont We are always pleased that so many of our guests have heard of the Chateau Marmont, one of the most elegant hotels in Los Angeles.  Even so, when the beautiful structure appears on the hill as we drive into the notorious Sunset Strip we can…

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Private Tour Makes Traffic Just Another Sight 150 150 admin

Private Tour Makes Traffic Just Another Sight

Our Private Tour Uses Traffic to Advantage You would think that never encountering slow traffic would be a boon to us in the sightseeing business.  That is not really the case.  Slow traffic makes it much easier to drive our big SUV and at the same time point out interesting details of the area around…

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Red Carpet Treatment at the Beverly Hills Hotel 150 150 admin

Red Carpet Treatment at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Our Private Tour Arrives in Style at the Beverly Hills Hotel The famous Beverly Hills Hotel, affectionately known as the Pink Palace, on Sunset Boulevard is very much a home to Hollywood history.  Movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood all the way through today and other entertainment industry royalty, as well as real…

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Hogwarts Is Where the Magic Is 150 150 admin

Hogwarts Is Where the Magic Is

Hogwarts Charms Our Private Tour Guests Why would anyone be surprised that in a land of magic there rises up a magic castle?  Hollywood’s Universal Studios theme park now hosts The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the centerpiece is Hogwarts Castle.  In the part of the San Fernando Valley where the soundstages not only…

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The Capitol of Hollywood Music 150 150 admin

The Capitol of Hollywood Music

Capitol Records Stands Out on a Private Tour in Hollywood Visitors with us on a Los Angeles private tour always notice that the “action” on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood seems to be bounded by Highland Avenue on one side and Vine Street on the other.  That is pretty much true.  From the 1940s onward this…

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