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PT Cruiser Cruising Dog Poet 150 150 admin

PT Cruiser Cruising Dog Poet

A dog and his man and his red PT Cruiser and his googles and the road and Los Angeles and the wind in his mouth and the smell of food everywhere and fancy dogs on fancy leashes with fancy collars walking on dog smelling sidewalks in Beverly Hills and hotels for dogs and dogs with…

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Joan’s on Third – a Meal, a Picnic, an Event 150 150 admin

Joan’s on Third – a Meal, a Picnic, an Event

Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles (near the Beverly Center) is one of those fine restaurants that draws us over before, between and after our private luxury tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The marketplace is located near the elegant hotels (Sofitel, SLS, Orlando) where many of our guests are staying.  Breakfast before a tour…

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Hollywood Bug or Bust 150 150 admin

Hollywood Bug or Bust

We drive on Hollywood and Beverly Hills roads — a lot.  After all, we are a private luxury tour company showing small groups of visitors all the great things about Los Angeles in our custom vehicle.  Sometimes we do not even have to leave our vehicle (or even stop) to point out something right beside…

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Los Angeles and Modern Architecture 150 150 admin

Los Angeles and Modern Architecture

Richard Neutra is just one of the celebrated architects who created notable and even historic structures in and around Los Angeles.  Our custom private tours are frequently designed to satisfy the curiosity of architecture lovers coming to southern California.  Of course they want to see Hollywood and Beverly Hills and Venice and Malibu, but their…

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Beat It! Just Beat It! 150 150 admin

Beat It! Just Beat It!

The Original Farmers Market in Hollywood (“Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax”) is a meat and produce market, shops, bakeries, an international food court, an entertainment venue in the summer and, since it has been there since 1934, a museum.  Perhaps not the curated facility you might think of but many of the shops display…

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Who’s Eating at Le Petit Four? 150 150 admin

Who’s Eating at Le Petit Four?

As we cruise along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on a private luxury tour of Los Angeles we invariably slow down as we pass through Sunset Plaza (traffic, pedestrians — it’s always busy!).  There we can count on seeing some very fancy automobiles parked in front of Le Petit Four, one of the several…

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Check Your Cellphone at the Door 150 150 admin

Check Your Cellphone at the Door

There are far too many fine restaurants in and around Los Angeles for us to be able to know and recommend them all.  We learn of restaurants mostly from our private luxury tour guests but also from hotel concierges that we work with and in the course of living and eating in Los Angeles.  Eva…

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Kids Love Shrek 150 150 admin

Kids Love Shrek

Our private luxury tours of Hollywood are certainly fun for youngsters.  Besides keeping kid-friendly snacks and drinks aboard our vehicles we stop often for run-around and potty breaks.  Here we are at Madame Tussauds on the Walk of Fame stopping to get photos of the kids with Shrek.  We’ll deposit some bills into the hands…

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Pretty in Pink Cars 150 150 admin

Pretty in Pink Cars

We certainly see many famous faces as we take our private luxury tours around Los Angeles to see the sights in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu.  The beauty of a custom tour is that when we see something interesting we can just stop and take a long, close look.  Driving through Santa  Monica…

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The Bee’s Knees? 150 150 admin

The Bee’s Knees?

Sunset Bronson Studios is now the home of Let’s Make a Deal and passing by on our private luxury tour of Hollywood and Los Angeles on any given taping day is likely to provide us with an opportunity to photograph a contestant such as the honey (bee) above.  Were it nighttime and a few blocks…

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