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Gucky Science at the La Brea Tar Pits 150 150 admin

Gucky Science at the La Brea Tar Pits

Natural History, Tar Pits, Monsters – Kids Love a Private Tour to La Brea Of course kids get a big kick out the big fluffy costumed characters inhabiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater or the entrance to Universal Studios and City Walk.  We also take our youngest Los Angeles private tour…

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Yellow Goop Threatens Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

Yellow Goop Threatens Hollywood Sign

This Private Tour Was All About the Goop Three young lads and a bucket full of slimy yellow goop made their way in our luxury SUV all around Los Angeles including this stop up by the famed Hollywood Sign.  The boys insisted on posing for photographs with oozing slime dribbling from their hands.  They even…

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Slow Day for Superman 150 150 admin

Slow Day for Superman

Some Superheroes Need a Private Tour Fix Superman can be found regularly along the very popular Walk of Fame in Hollywood having flown in to preserve truth, justice and the American Way.  Sometimes the crowds of visitors searching the well known sidewalk seem indifferent to his presence.  They just take for granted that they will…

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Ocean Liner Overnighter in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Ocean Liner Overnighter in Los Angeles

Tour the Queen Mary on Your Los Angeles Tour The largest U.S. port complex is the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.  The largest container ships in the world pass in and out of these adjacent facilities on a daily basis.  It really is something to behold driving into the port area over the beautiful Vincent…

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We Fly Circles Around the Blimp 150 150 admin

We Fly Circles Around the Blimp

The Goodyear Blimp at Its West Coast Base in Los Angeles The Goodyear Blimp is synonymous with modern dirigibles (blimps) and lighter-than-air airship activities.  No one watches a major sporting event without expecting to see the beautiful “slow motion” aerial images provided by these slow moving aircraft.  Here our guests aboard our very modern and fast…

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Never Stop Wining in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Never Stop Wining in Los Angeles

Wineries Abound in Los Angeles for Our Private Tour Our private tour guests enjoying a visit to Los Angeles can spend time with us exploring many, if not all, of the local wineries.  Did you know there is a vineyard right next to the Hollywood Sign?  We point that one out and talk about it when…

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Ronald Reagan Lives Here 150 150 admin

Ronald Reagan Lives Here

Our Los Angeles Tour Visits the Reagan Library There are not too many libraries in the world, if any besides this one, that house an actual multi-engine jet plane as part of their displays.  It is a modified Boeing 707 and was familiarly known as Air Force One.  The aircraft, an armored limousine and bowls…

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Finding Funny in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Finding Funny in Los Angeles

What’s So Funny About a Comedy Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles As funny as our guides can be, and they are quite amusing, each of them with performing backgrounds (it’s Hollywood after all), the professionals who inhabit the stage at The Improv and the other big comedy clubs are even funnier.  Way funnier.  Think of…

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The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles

Where a Private Tour of Los Angeles Goes to Beat the Heat There are sections of the Los Angeles beach lined with hotels where you would expect to find a crowd of visitors to Southern California.  However, most of the beach, even near the hotels, is filled every day by people from the city and…

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Hollywood Sign Jump 150 150 admin

Hollywood Sign Jump

With a Big Private Tour Family This Photo Is a Challenge As difficult as it might be to get everyone in the air at the same time, jumping for joy at being so near the famous Hollywood Sign, everyone always has a good time getting this photograph into their tour album.  Thankfully we have a…

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