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Johnny Cash on the Viper Room 150 150 admin

Johnny Cash on the Viper Room

Private Tour Guests See 2 Hollywood Icons at One Time We get so much positive feedback from our descriptions of Los Angeles mural art that we are delighted to have a new image to share today.  David Flores has brought his “stained glass” mural painting style to the side of the iconic Sunset Strip music…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Elite Adventure Tours 150 150 admin

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite Adventure Tours

We here at Elite Adventure Tours are thankful for all the wonderful guests we have spent time with in Los Angeles and southern California this year.  Each and every private tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice and Malibu was a perfect treat.  We are also thankful for our hospitality partners at the fine hotels whose…

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Party Hardy Tour Destination 150 150 admin

Party Hardy Tour Destination

Enjoy a Private Tour to Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate More than 10 acres of vineyards at the top of a Malibu hillside and a golden crowning jewel is Malibu Rocky Oaks.  This exquisite Tuscan home glows even when it is not sunset.  Fine wines, breathtaking views, art and architecture that makes our private Los Angeles…

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Every Guest is a Director When They Visit Hollywood 150 150 admin

Every Guest is a Director When They Visit Hollywood

Private Tour Guest Takes Measure of the Hollywood Sign We are often surprised by the poses of our guests at the Hollywood Sign and even more surprised when we learn which of the multitude of photos we take they say is the best.  To each their own, we say.  No matter, all our guests have…

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Lemonade Is More Than a Summer Drink 150 150 admin

Lemonade Is More Than a Summer Drink

Private Tour Lunch Stop in W. Hollywood Lunch time on a private Los Angeles tour means so many things for our guests and us.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, sushi – there are so many quick meal choices at recognizable and memorable food stops throughout our regular touring area in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  If lunch…

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Dock Your Dinghy Here 150 150 admin

Dock Your Dinghy Here

Private Tour Guests Love to Laugh And laugh they did when they saw the sign for the Barbara Pearson Dinghy Dock.  Trying saying “Dock your dinghy at the dinghy dock” three times fast.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests visiting Santa Catalina Island with us this summer did indeed say it.  The kids in particular. …

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RKO Radio Pictures – Now Paramount Pictures 150 150 admin

RKO Radio Pictures – Now Paramount Pictures

Hollywood Tour Guests Always Notice the Globe Logo One of Hollywood‘s Big 5 when the sound era arrived in 1928, RKO Radio Pictures was a formidable presence on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood for many decades and produced a great number of filmdom’s greatest films before its demise.  Finally merged into Paramount in the late 60s…

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Self-Storage Mural in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Self-Storage Mural in Hollywood

Private Tour Guests Love Chaplin Mural Beneath the Hollywood Freeway overpass on Argyle at Franklin are several attractive Dan Collins murals depicting classical movie characters and more.  Hollywood Bowl Self-Storage is the business providing the wall space for the artwork which instantly catches the attention of our private Los Angeles tour guests as we drive…

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Los Angeles Tour Guest Teaches Guide 150 150 admin

Los Angeles Tour Guest Teaches Guide

How a Private Tour Guide learns New Facts Our Los Angeles tour guides pride themselves on their encyclopedic knowledge of Hollywood history, movies and television and also carry a good deal of trivia in their heads about radio, advertising, the oil and aerospace industries – in fact, they want to be able to handle almost…

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Unusual View of the Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

Unusual View of the Hollywood Sign

Not a View our Los Angeles Tour Guests Usually See Believe it or not, lives are regularly saved from the top of Mt. Lee just above the Hollywood Sign.  Those are transmitters and systems supporting Los Angeles County and city emergency responses.  Originally owned by Hollywood silent film producer Mack Sennett, it was purchased by…

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