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An Early Morning Los Angeles Tour is Peaceful 150 150 admin

An Early Morning Los Angeles Tour is Peaceful

Capturing the Sunrise at the Beach on a Private Los Angeles Tour We often have our private tour guests out through sunset, especially in the summer when the sun is setting after 8:00 p.m.  What we do not do that often, but really enjoy, is meeting up with our guests who want an early morning start…

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Finding Salvation Mountain 150 150 admin

Finding Salvation Mountain

Our First Private Tour to the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain We happily research and locate any destination our guests have in mind no matter where it is or how long it might take to get there.  As we keep repeating here, a custom Los Angeles tour means we go where our guests want to…

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Meeting Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Meeting Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Want to See More of Marilyn Monroe There is much of Marilyn Monroe to explore when sightseeing around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Westwood.  Our young Los Angeles tour guests learned much about her early career as we visited the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel right in the heart of Tinseltown.  Marilyn was a…

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Flying to Magic Mountain Is a Thrill 150 150 admin

Flying to Magic Mountain Is a Thrill

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoyed a Thrilling Helicopter Ride on the Way to Magic Mountain A day spent at Six Flags Magic Mountain, north of Los Angeles, is certainly full of thrills.  Eighteen roller coasters on 262 acres make this the world record holder for coasters in an amusement park.  And, my oh my, these…

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Up and Coming Stars? 150 150 admin

Up and Coming Stars?

Sharp-eyed Los Angeles Tour Guests Spot Young Filmmakers Ordinarily it is quite easy to spot a film crew on location with all their trucks and film vehicles and police chaperones.  Film production is generally a big production around Los Angeles and always exciting for the locals (they complain but really do enjoy the attention) and…

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Sing Your Heart Out Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Sing Your Heart Out Los Angeles

We Often Sing On Our Private Tour The Los Angeles Music Center continues its well-loved tradition of Friday Night Sing-Alongs beginning this week.  The theme – The Detroit Sound.  Diana Ross wannabes are more than welcome.  The Music Center provides the band and printed lyrics so all you have to do is get there on…

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A Sunset Los Angeles Tour Is Breathtaking 150 150 admin

A Sunset Los Angeles Tour Is Breathtaking

A Los Angeles Tour When the Sun Goes Down We understand that most of our guests believe their private Los Angeles tour should occur during the day when Hollywood is hopping and the beautiful people are up and about in Beverly Hills.  It is true that southern California life enjoys the splendid sunshine and businesses…

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See Where Ellen DeGeneres Works 150 150 admin

See Where Ellen DeGeneres Works

Los Angeles Tour Leads to Studio Tour and the Ellen Show We love to show off our film studios when sightseeing with our private Los Angeles tour guests.  Hollywood, Culver City and Burbank all have those city blocks chock full of large boxy buildings.  Soundstages.  Where the magic happens.  Ellen tapes her show on the…

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No Aliens Seen at Will Smith’s House 150 150 admin

No Aliens Seen at Will Smith’s House

Our Helicopter Tour Hovers Past Casa de Hitch What makes our private helicopter tours truly spectacular is seeing the beautiful homes below as we circle much of the Los Angeles area.  Many of the celebrity homes are accessible to us from the street and we can circle back on the ground tour portion of our…

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On a Clear Day You Can See Barbra’s House 150 150 admin

On a Clear Day You Can See Barbra’s House

Our Private Tour in Malibu is a Walk on the Beach There is nothing like a Los Angeles sightseeing tour that can park any time and take its guests out for a walk.  That is what we love to do.  This day we were up in Malibu exploring the lovely coast and the Malibu Colony…

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