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Venice Beach Skateboarding on L.A. Tour 150 150 admin

Venice Beach Skateboarding on L.A. Tour

Spring Break for Skateboarders on Private Tour of the Beach Los Angeles is a capitol of outdoor recreation.  We have it all.  You name it and we can arrange it for a part of your private Los Angeles tour.  Skiing, surfing, horse riding, motorcycle riding, hiking, sailing, scuba, snorkeling, parachuting, bicycling and skating….inline and skateboarding. …

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Celebrity Homes – Aerial Photography 150 150 admin

Celebrity Homes – Aerial Photography

Our Private Tour by Helicopter Gets Great Shots of Mansions “Who lives there?” is an oft repeated question as we fly over some of the fanciest neighborhoods of Los Angeles (Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Palisades, Malibu) in our luxury helicopter.  More often than not we have an answer.  We make these flights regularly…

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Saddle Ranch Chop House on L.A. Tour 150 150 admin

Saddle Ranch Chop House on L.A. Tour

Good Grub and Fun for Lunch on Private Tour The Sunset Strip between Hollywood and Beverly Hills is an exciting adventure in sightseeing for our private Los Angeles tour guests.  Restaurants, hotels, night clubs, boutique shopping and the billboards and banners make it one delectable boulevard of eye candy.  When we are here around lunch…

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Shooting the Skeet in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Shooting the Skeet in Los Angeles

There Is More to a Private Tour Than Sightseeing We include ADVENTURE in our company name for good reason.  We love to make an ordinary sightseeing tour of Los Angeles something more exciting.  Flying in a luxury helicopter, operating a Segway along the beach, a private meal cooked by a chef in a mountaintop estate…and…

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Hollywood and Vine – Famous L.A. Corner 150 150 admin

Hollywood and Vine – Famous L.A. Corner

Even the Streets Are Celebrities as Our Private Tour Learns “Hollywood and Vine” still carries some cultural weight when you say it despite the fact that the intersection is not quite what is was way back when in Hollywood’s Golden Age this was the center of moviedom.  Prior to 1910 when Los Angeles annexed Hollywood…

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Chinatown – Los Angeles Style 150 150 admin

Chinatown – Los Angeles Style

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey on a Private Tour to Chinatown Los Angeles is quite proud of its Chinatown neighborhood on the northeast corner of downtown (DTLA).  This is really New Chinatown which was constructed in the late 1930’s.  Our original Chinatown began not very far away in the 1880’s and flourished as Los…

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When Movies Premiere in Hollywood 150 150 admin

When Movies Premiere in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Might Get to See Movie Premiere Prep There are four major theaters right on Hollywood Boulevard and one nearby on Sunset Boulevard where the studios can stage a big Hollywood Premiere of a new movie.  These events happen quite regularly.  Disney Studios use their own El Capitan theater.  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre…

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Where to Leave Your Heart 150 150 admin

Where to Leave Your Heart

Yes, a Los Angeles Tour Can Go to San Francisco We do not have many requests to travel the 400 miles north from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a private luxury tour but from time to time we have guests wanting to explore all of California with us.  We arrange all the transportation and…

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We Love the Flower Girl Who Loves Hollywood 150 150 admin

We Love the Flower Girl Who Loves Hollywood

There are Flowers at the Hollywood Sign on Our Private Tour Our wonderful rainy season (the “green” season as we prefer to call it) is bringing forth the verdant chaparral growth though it is still a bit early for spring flowers to appear on the hillsides up where the Hollywood Sign glows.  So we brought…

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Tequila Sunrise before Los Angeles Tour 150 150 admin

Tequila Sunrise before Los Angeles Tour

A Private Tour in Los Angeles Can Start Early As early as the sun rises.  Even if the tour begins after breakfast we often find ourselves preparing for a custom luxury tour for our guests as the colorful morning light appears.  Since we always have our digital SLR camera with us wherever we go we…

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