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Touring on Goldwings 150 150 Tony Riccio

Touring on Goldwings

One of my favorite things to do as a tour guide is “couples tours” My wife and I have also arranged such tours in convertibles, horseback, Segway Machines, & yachts. On this particular day Honda Goldwings made for an adventurous and comfortable day for all involved as we enjoyed motorcycling in Hollywood, through the beach…

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New Perspectives on a Dazzling Locale 150 150 Tony Riccio

New Perspectives on a Dazzling Locale

Although it’s possible to savor a day of sightseeing in L.A. from right here on the ground, one still misses out on the unique perspective afforded by an aerial view. The greater Los Angeles area is flush with gorgeous vistas and landmarks both natural and man-made. There’s the Hollywood sign itself and of course the…

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