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Fest at Fresheast in West Hollywood 150 150 admin

Fest at Fresheast in West Hollywood

Fresheast is a new fast-casual Asian concept in West Hollywood featuring the flavors of Korea, China, Thailand, India and Japan. The semicircular space is splashed in eye-popping colors representing the various nations; birdcages hang from a coffered, tile-inlaid ceiling. Chef Jonathan Schwichtenberg uses organic ingredients and for the most part eschews butter, salt and nuts;…

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Beaches in LA 150 150 admin

Beaches in LA

Here’s a list of my favorite beaches in LA;  each one different enough to give you that unique experience. Belmont Shore Along Ocean Boulevard, from 54th Place to Belmont Pier, Long Beach. Wide and sandy; on-site dog beach. Dockweiler State Beach 12501 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey. Near LAX. Wide expanse of beach: 3.7…

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Photo: Historic Farmer’s Market LA 150 150 admin

Photo: Historic Farmer’s Market LA

South Coast Winery & Resort 150 150 admin

South Coast Winery & Resort

“Everything in moderation” is a wonderful philosophy to adhere to, but every once in a while you should let yourself indulge. Why not splurge and treat yourself to a wine tasting adventure? Southern California has gorgeous vineyards and wineries. For a very reasonable price, you and three or four of your travel companions can take…

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Private LA Tours 150 150 admin

Private LA Tours

Descanso Gardens 150 150 admin

Descanso Gardens

Just 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of busy Downtown Los Angeles lies 150 acres of gardens, preserved by the founder in the 1950′s. Today you can stroll through the rose, iris, camellia, Japanese or Flower gardens to discover some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Adults and children can discover…

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Private Los Angeles Tours / K-9 Tour 150 150 admin

Private Los Angeles Tours / K-9 Tour

Private Los Angeles Tours / K-9 Tour

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The Cheese Store 150 150 admin

The Cheese Store

When I think of cheese, well.. I really can’t picture much other than a square block of a, you know, cheese lookin’ thing. So, this little Cheese store is a godsend when adding some variety to my choices. It’s just unmatched. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is an essential resource for serious home cooks,…

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Rear View Rodeo 150 150 admin

Rear View Rodeo

Rear View Rodeo

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Historic Farmers Market 150 150 admin

Historic Farmers Market

Los Angeles is home to a widely renowned farmer’s market, much to visitors’ constant surprise. The Farmers Market opened in July 1934 when a dozen nearby farmers would sell their produce off the back of their trucks. At that time, Los Angeles wasn’t the sprawling metropolis it is today; in fact, where the farmer’s parked…

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