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DWP Light Festival 150 150 Tony Riccio

DWP Light Festival

The the 14th Annual Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival is always a sight to see! This magnificent display of lights along a one-mile segment of Crystal Springs Drive has become a holiday tradition that attracts more than half million visitors each year. This festival symbolizes LADWP’s proud history…

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1994 Northridge earthquake 150 150 Tony Riccio

1994 Northridge earthquake

The Northridge earthquake occurred on January 17, 1994 at 4:31 AM Pacific Standard Time in Reseda, a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California, lasting for about 20 seconds. The earthquake had a “strong” moment magnitude of 6.7, but the ground acceleration was one of the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area…

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The Beverly Hills Speedway 150 150 Tony Riccio

The Beverly Hills Speedway

Beverly Hills Speedway was an American board track in Beverly Hills, California, USA. It was the home to speedingModel Ts and airplanes which cut through the airspace of Beverly Hills during the roaring 20s. Built in 1919 on what is currently Beverly Hills High School, the Regent Beverly Wilshire and many shops and homes on…

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Shopping @ the LA Coroner’s Office 150 150 Tony Riccio

Shopping @ the LA Coroner’s Office

If you had to guess what city in the US had shopping available in their Coroner’s Office, LA very well may be your first guess. The shop, called Skeletons In The Closet, has been operating since September 1993. With the declining tax revenue, other concepts had to be considered to help off-set monetary losses. The…

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Sunset 150 150 Tony Riccio


Sunset Boulevard is a street in the western part of Los Angeles County, California, that stretches from Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles to thePacific Coast Highway at the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Palisades. The street is an icon of Hollywood celebrity culture and the phrase “Sunset Boulevard” is an enduring shorthand for the…

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Over 80 Farmers Markets in LA County 150 150 Tony Riccio

Over 80 Farmers Markets in LA County

Can you believe that there are over 80 Certified Farmers Markets in LA? So while the length of this blog may seem obnoxious, I wanted you to have the the “where” and “when” of it all! Farmers Markets are one of the best ways to enjoy California if you are visiting or positively add to…

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