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Where’s the Wine? 150 150 admin

Where’s the Wine?

Where's the wine? You get to choose which winery to visit on the Sideways private tour.

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Bzzzzz, What Is Trebek Open Space? 150 150 admin

Bzzzzz, What Is Trebek Open Space?

62 wide open acres of walking/hiking and leash-free doggie fun right in Hollywood.  If you have brought your puppies on a private canine tour of Los Angeles this is the perfect place to have your guide take you.  The spot, donated by Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, is a natural parkland only a quick drive up…

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The Legend Never Dies 150 150 admin

The Legend Never Dies

In a tiny cemetery in a small Los Angeles village is the crypt of one of Hollywood's biggest screen legends.

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Makeup to Made Up — The Hollywood Museum 150 150 admin

Makeup to Made Up — The Hollywood Museum

This beautiful art deco building has gone from make up (Max Factor) to a museum of the made up (Hollywood Museum)

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Pacific Standard Time – Spend Hours at the Getty 150 150 admin

Pacific Standard Time – Spend Hours at the Getty

Backyards in Diamond Bar and Other Oddities In 1980, Joe Deal photographed backyards in Diamond Bar. The images, all black-and-white and clinical, make suburbia seem absolutely absurd. Among his strangest is a photo of a swimming pool–shaped island of perfectly green grass, empty but surrounded by lawn furniture, cacti and other brush arranged in dirt.…

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Secret Stairway to Heaven (Shhhh!) 150 150 admin

Secret Stairway to Heaven (Shhhh!)

Los Angeles is famous for its gym culture. But if you’re intimidated by all the hard bods at Gold’s — or if you just want to take the jogging path less traveled — the city’s network of historic staircases is an ideal way to stay fit. Not going anywhere but enjoying the walk City planners originally installed the…

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Angels Flight Out of Commission 150 150 admin

Angels Flight Out of Commission

The historic Angels Flight railway, “the shortest railway in the world,”  in downtown Los Angeles is grounded for several weeks for routine maintenance and will likely reopen with a slightly higher ticket fare. Starting Tuesday, January 10th, the railway was closed to replace worn rails and complete some carpentry and paint work on the 110-year-old rail cars,…

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Wicked 150 150 admin


Through Jan 29. Back by popular demand! L.A.’s favorite musical flies back to the Pantages this holiday season after a record-breaking two-year run. I loved this and so happy it’s back, it is the best place and should be first on your list to visit while touring LA. Called “A phenomenon that keeps growing” by…

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Jane Austen Unscripted 150 150 admin

Jane Austen Unscripted

Through Dec. 18. They look like Jane Austen characters, dress like them — even talk like them, but these improv experts are likely to ad-lib scenes that would make modest Jane blush. Come support this improv group while touring LA. Comedy buffs will love the troupe’s spontaneity — the show changes nightly — and local…

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Unique LA Holiday Show 150 150 admin

Unique LA Holiday Show

Dec. 3–4.  Shop for wares from more than 300 designers and artists at the Largest indie design show in the country. A new and exciting place for all shoppers to head to while touring LA. Unique LA also features workshops, access to Amoeba Records rockin’ downtown pop-up shop, an ecolounge and cafés, in addition food…

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