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More Pantry 150 150 admin

More Pantry

From a coffee cup photo inside The Original Pantry to a wonderful original painting of The Pantry by Richard Bunkall, a prominent California painter whose singular style captivates so many appreciative art lovers.  We include this painting here for two reasons: a relatively recent blog about The Pantry received a great deal of internet attention…

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Summer is Gone 150 150 admin

Summer is Gone

One of the melancholy yet sweet occurrences that happens on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the rapid appearance of flowers, candles, memorials and other nostalgia items at the star of a recently deceased celebrity.  We took this photo just after the flowers arrived here at the star of Donna Summer while on a private…

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Mountain Palace in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Mountain Palace in Hollywood

This is an old postcard showing the historic Hollywood residence that would be become Yamashiro Restaurant, perched 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard and offering spectacular views to diners enjoying the amazing Asian fusion cuisine served at the restaurant (not to mention excellent bar drinks).  We love to drive our private luxury tour guests up the…

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Get Booked at LitFest Pasadena 150 150 admin

Get Booked at LitFest Pasadena

Love books?  Love to read?  Love to eat, walk around, observe and meet literate people?  If any of this is true then you want to get over to Pasadena’s Central Park (in the shadow of Castle Green) on Saturday, May 12th.  Panels are scheduled throughout the day with successful writers from around the area so…

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Hollywood Stars’ Homes Tour (without the bus) 150 150 admin

Hollywood Stars’ Homes Tour (without the bus)

Do you ever wonder where the Hollywood tour guides get all their information?  Do you ever think, are they making this stuff up?  Well, we at Elite Adventure Tours consistently attempt to know as much of the confirmed history of Hollywood and Beverly Hills as we can hold in our heads.  We read the historian’s…

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To Protect and Serve 150 150 admin

To Protect and Serve

With 2,470 terrazo stars with brass insignias aligning Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame brings just about every visitor to Los Angeles to its sidewalks.  Each star is named for a star of stage, screen, television, radio and music.  The ceremonies for new members of the Walk of Fame draw large…

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! 150 150 admin

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Elite Adventure Tours wishes everyone a fine Cinco de Mayo. Go out there and eat, drink and dance to celebrate this historic day with our Mexican friends and neighbors. Our private luxury tours of Los Angeles can take you to the street party near Olvera Street.

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There’s a Lake in Hollywood 150 150 admin

There’s a Lake in Hollywood

First filled (with more than 2.5 billion gallons of water) in 1925, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir is part of the Owens Valley water system that was designed by William Mulholland to provide a new and growing city of Los Angeles with the water it needed for survival and development.  This beautiful body of water is…

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Beware of the Sculls 150 150 admin

Beware of the Sculls

Peaceful, quiet and cool, the rowing team has its sculls out on the placid waters around Marina del Rey. Our guests relaxed to the calls of the coxswains with glasses of wine while on a private yacht tour of Marina del Rey.

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It’s Easy to Get Stuck at the Tar Pits 150 150 admin

It’s Easy to Get Stuck at the Tar Pits

We often end our luxury private tours with a dramatic stopover at the La Brea Tar Pits and the George Page Museum, especially if we have young people on board. The open pit excavations in the summer are fascinating and the park atmosphere is restful amidst the other museums of Museum Row in Los Angeles'…

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