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Two Rodeo is Number One! 150 150 admin

Two Rodeo is Number One!

A pedestrians-only cobblestone road curves through Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills and past all the amazing store fronts.  Just window shopping is an eye-popping experience.  Just to name a few of the world renowned businesses inviting you inside: Tiffany & Co., Versace, Jimmy Choo, Damiani, Vertu and Breguet.  All of our luxury tours of the…

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The Venice Canals in Southern California 150 150 admin

The Venice Canals in Southern California

In 1902 there were 16 miles of canals.  Today there are just six canals.  A small and now upscale corner of Venice, CA still provides watery fronts to its residents and landing pads for sea birds.  The Venice Boardwalk is the biggest attraction for visitors to this historic and fun southern California beach community but…

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Public Art in Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Public Art in Beverly Hills

Maybe it is just our clientele but we often find ourselves being asked about public art in general or about specific pieces that we encounter while on a private luxury tour around Los Angeles.  We could easily do a tour just of public art.  A tour of public art in Beverly Hills would take all…

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Happy Birthday, Paramount Studios 150 150 admin

Happy Birthday, Paramount Studios

Happy Birthday, Dear Paramount …  100 years, since 1912, Paramount Studios has been producing films, and later television, from their beautiful studio lot on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.  It is the last of the major studios remaining in Hollywood.  Home of The Godfather and Star Trek we film buffs also know the first film to…

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The Amazing Spider-man in Action! 150 150 admin

The Amazing Spider-man in Action!

Our tour guide was walking with his private luxury tour group through Hollywood at just the right moment to capture this extraordinary photograph of Spider-man nabbing an errant construction worker nearby.  As we have a high quality Nikon digital camera with us at all times we collect great photographs for our guests at all the…

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Lunch is Ready – Segway on Over 150 150 admin

Lunch is Ready – Segway on Over

Not that riding along the Venice Boardwalk or along the beach in Santa Monica on a Segway is hard work, it’s the wonderful aromas of beach BBQ and the cooking smells arising from all the tiny eateries and restaurants along the way that get our juices flowing.  Fortunately, our private luxury tour guests enjoying a…

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A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour 150 150 admin

A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour

After its star turn in Little Miss Sunshine this yellow Volkswagon microbus has been retired to a private Malibu vineyard to enjoy its golden years.  Like other extraordinary sights available to our private luxury tour guests who we have flown by helicopter to this secluded winery for an exclusive wine tasting experience and a gourmet…

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(Don’t) Take Down that Wall 150 150 admin

(Don’t) Take Down that Wall

Wilshire Boulevard along the Miracle Mile and Museum Row are so full of eye catching sights (buildings, tar pits, strange people) that is is easy to miss seeing this stretch of erect concrete slabs that were once a part of the Berlin Wall separating East and West Berlin during the Cold War.  Now a public…

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Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can 150 150 admin

Spiderman Goes Wherever a Spider Can

No, this is not a publicity opportunity for the filmmakers of the next Spiderman movie (The Amazing Spider-man) due out this summer.  This guy had to remove a bag of garbage to make room for himself atop the refuse container in order to solicit money from the Hollywood Boulevard tourists walking by.  What’s that smell,…

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Today and a Long Time Ago — AGO 150 150 admin

Today and a Long Time Ago — AGO

When asked by our luxury tour guests as we glide around Los Angeles where we would recommend they eat when the cuisine they seek is Italian we always suggest Ago.  Just east of La Cienega we still consider it a part of the extended Restaurant Row running up from Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills all…

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