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Traveling with Baby 150 150 admin

Traveling with Baby

We conduct hundreds and hundreds of custom private luxury tours every year for families visiting Los Angeles who want to see Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu up close as only we can.  The families with very small children always endure the difficulty of managing necessary equipment for their babies.  But who wants to fly with…

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Downtown Los Angeles Skyline 150 150 admin

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline

We like the skyline views of the city and try to capture the photos whenever we can from wherever we are.  We take our private luxury tour guests up in the Hollywood hills and follow Mulholland to some excellent scenic overlooks where you can see downtown Los Angeles in all its glory.

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City Lights as Art 150 150 admin

City Lights as Art

This amazing installation by Chris Burden in the courtyard of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is called URBAN LIGHT and consists of 202 former Los Angeles city streetlights.  The lights, powered by solar energy, are illuminated from sunset to sunrise each day.  We love to pass by when we are on a…

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Goat Roast! 150 150 admin

Goat Roast!

So often we surprise people with our vast knowledge of restaurants and eateries in and around Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu — just for starters.  We also know restaurants in Palm Springs and Calabasas, Valencia and Anaheim.  You might wonder why, as tour guides, we have this information.  It is…

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Iowa in California 150 150 admin

Iowa in California

One of the greatest warships ever commissioned (1942), the USS Iowa served the US Navy nobly until 1990 and has now found a permanent home in southern California’s quaint port city of San Pedro, just south of Los Angeles.  Located between the cruise ship terminal and Ports o’ Call Village along the nicely developed waterfront,…

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Music to Their Hairy Ears 150 150 admin

Music to Their Hairy Ears

Everyone who lives at the zoo is eagerly anticipating two evenings of music right there on the zoo grounds.  Here is an opportunity for us people to visit the zoo late in the day, listen to all different kinds of music, eat all different kinds of food, and watch the animals sing and dance like…

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Up, Up and Away, in My Beautiful Helicopter 150 150 admin

Up, Up and Away, in My Beautiful Helicopter

The spacious Eurocopter TwinStars we use for our private luxury helicopter tours over Los Angeles have excellent viewing in all directions from their large windows.  As we approach Bel Air from the ocean in this photograph you can see how much fun we have taking pictures of our guests using their cameras to capture every…

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You’ll Never Walk Alone 150 150 admin

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Well, in this case Elvis was walking alone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as our tour guide approached with a private, luxury tour group on a custom tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Oddly, right beside this Catherine Hardwicke designed sculpture at the start of the Walk of Fame is where Elvis…

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The New Sikorsky 150 150 admin

The New Sikorsky

The most recent addition to the fleet of helicopters we have available for private luxury tours of Los Angeles and surrounding areas is the only Sikorsky S76 on the west coast.  This beautiful corporate twin jet helicopter offers amenities similar to what we have built into our own luxury vehicles.  Our guests can enjoy incredible…

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Buster’s Hollywood 150 150 admin

Buster’s Hollywood

Audiences are so loving this tribute to Buster Keaton playing at Sacred Fools in Hollywood that the run has been extended until August 5th.  The celebrated silent film comedian is played in part by an comedy actor who idolizes his subject.  While you will remember him from 3rd Planet from the Sun, here French Stewart…

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