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Tours of Los Angeles

A First-Time LA Tourist 150 150 admin

A First-Time LA Tourist

When traveling to Los Angeles to visit my cousin Vinny last spring, I was excited to voyage to California for the very first time. With my I brought my usual traveling tools – a book, my iPod and a camera – along with my summertime clothes and shoes. I was all set to begin a…

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Wall of Fame 150 150 admin

Wall of Fame

Elvis was one of the most successful dabblers of all time. His music ran the gamut of musical genres – from gospel to the blues, country to straight-up rock ‘n’ roll – and he conquered them all. In the 1950s and ’60s especially, you could barely change the radio station without running across a classic…

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Staying Relevant in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Staying Relevant in Hollywood

It’s growingly increasingly common in the world of Hollywood that movie stars become wildly successful early on, and then their stars quickly fade. The stars featured during sightseeing tours Los Angeles just a few years ago often are the butt of jokes now or cautionary tales for the new wave of talent. To that end,…

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The famous Miceli’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood 150 150 admin

The famous Miceli’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood

The  famous Miceli’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood and Universal City, is home of the singing waiters and waitresses. They will serenade you with Italian arias, musical show tunes, classical standards…. all while you dine. Miceli’s was established in 1949, when Carmen and Sylvia Miceli gathered together their meager funds and, joined by sisters Angie and…

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Taking a Tour of My New Hometown 150 150 admin

Taking a Tour of My New Hometown

Despite the fact that I have lived in Los Angeles a little over a year, I’ve had few opportunities to explore the sights the city has to offer. Due to my hectic work schedule, I hardly have a spare minute to spend traveling the city at my leisure. I’ve expressed my desire to see the…

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Los Angeles Attractions: Sunset Trip 150 150 admin

Los Angeles Attractions: Sunset Trip

The Sunset Strip has been the crux of numerous songs and films, but few people are aware of the actual history of this iconic stretch of Sunset Boulevard. Walking down The Strip it’s impossible to not become inundated by the surfeit of advertisements that are now emblematic of the area. During the 1970s, the Strip…

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Los Angeles Van Tours 150 150 admin

Los Angeles Van Tours

Every year my family has a reunion at a different city around the country. Past locales include Miami, Boston and Philadelphia, but this year we wanted to venture out to the West Coast, so we came to a consensus on Los Angeles. Since none of us had ever been there, it was a joint venture…

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Amazing Hollywood Sign Photos + Story 150 150 admin

Amazing Hollywood Sign Photos + Story

For many many years I have been photographing the Hollywood sign on private tours with people from all of the world;  showcasing it from a plethora of angles and even from above by helicopter.   Tuesday April 20th 2010 was a magnificent day due to the manner that the Hollywood sign revealed itself to one…

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Tour Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Tour Los Angeles

No trip to Southern California is complete without a guided tour around the city of Los Angeles. As the largest and most influential city of the West Coast, Los Angeles is a hub of economic and social activity. If you plan to tour Los Angeles, however, it is important that you do your research to…

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Essential Vacation Planning 150 150 admin

Essential Vacation Planning

Some people go to Los Angeles and are flabbergasted by the litany of amazing attractions and historic locations to visit it. It is virtually impossible to take in all that the city has to offer in just one trip. One of the best ways to make the most of your vacation is to pinpoint specific areas…

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