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Don’t Slip on a Star 150 150 admin

Don’t Slip on a Star

A rare rainy day on the Walk of Fame and still fun for guests of Elite Adventure Tours (we have big umbrellas)

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High above Los Angeles 150 150 admin

High above Los Angeles

The US Bank building is the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Flying over it while touring by helicopter is spectacular.

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Rolling Stone on the Move 150 150 admin

Rolling Stone on the Move

Finally, the giant rock to be used in Michael Heizer’s art installation, Levitated Mass, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), is on the road and beginning its 11-night, 105 mile journey from a Riverside quarry to the museum on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile neighborhood. ¬†Talk about a slow, custom tour…

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Wildlife of Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Wildlife of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills at the dawn of mankind  

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Jesus of Hollywood 150 150 admin

Jesus of Hollywood

Jesus, one of the special characters we see on our tours of Hollywood.

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Observing the Observatory 150 150 admin

Observing the Observatory

In a helicopter above the Griffith Park Observatory

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Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too 150 150 admin

Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too

Catching rays in the marina aboard a private yacht

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Viewing the City 150 150 admin

Viewing the City

Another beautiful day, another beautiful view of Los Angeles

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Where’s the Wine? 150 150 admin

Where’s the Wine?

Where's the wine? You get to choose which winery to visit on the Sideways private tour.

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H’wood by helo 150 150 admin

H’wood by helo

Some showbiz hopefuls arrive by bus and others by helicopter.

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