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Visiting the Queen of Pin-Ups 150 150 admin

Visiting the Queen of Pin-Ups

Bettie Page, the Queen of Pin-Ups, is buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, a tiny cemetery behind a movie theater on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood.  This beautiful little park is chock full of famous names and always stimulates lots of happy memories of movies, television and music as we walk amongst the markers. Learn…

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Add a DASH to Your Los Angeles Tour 150 150 admin

Add a DASH to Your Los Angeles Tour

Our private luxury tour guests will often extend their tour for an opportunity to visit the DASH boutique in Calabasas, just over the Santa Monica Mountains from Malibu. It is a perfect addition to a custom tour of celebrity homes of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Hollywood and the elite shopping districts of…

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The Stars Stood Here 150 150 admin

The Stars Stood Here

Here are our private luxury tour guests, the Saldukas family, visiting the Blossom Room inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  Why are they so impressed?  This is where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held.  Those light fixtures, that rug — ORIGINAL!  Well, so we have been told by hotel staff members and we choose…

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The Mauretania Apartments and John Kennedy 150 150 admin

The Mauretania Apartments and John Kennedy

Built by The Wizard of Oz actor Jack Haley (the Tin Man) this historic apartment building on N. Rossmore Avenue below Melrose was a favorite residence of President Kennedy when he visited Los Angeles.  There are a lot of historic properties on this stretch of road near the golf course.  We regularly pass by on our…

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Before the Aliens Lost 150 150 admin

Before the Aliens Lost

This jumbo jet crash site on the backlot of Universal Studios enthralls our private luxury tour guests when we take them on the VIP Experience tour of the studios.  The VIP Experience is the perfect complement to an Elite Adventure Tours excursion around Los Angeles and Hollywood because it, like us, pampers its guests.  At…

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America’s Next Top Model 150 150 admin

America’s Next Top Model

Nothing marks a trip to Los Angeles better than a photograph posing in front of the Hollywood sign.  All our private, custom luxury tours around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills drive up through the Hollywood Hills until we are close enough to this most famous of billboards to take fantastic photos that our guests…

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Spotlight on Hollywood (and Vine) 150 150 admin

Spotlight on Hollywood (and Vine)

This nice foreshortened photograph taken on a recent private luxury tour of Hollywood shows one of the moving spotlights set up at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  The Capitol Records building looms in the background.  This is such a great corner these days with new restaurants, hotels and nightclubs nearby and the always exciting…

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There’s WHAT behind me? 150 150 admin

There’s WHAT behind me?

The TRANSFORMERS have arrived at Universal Studios in Hollywood.  The ride is astounding, 3D simulation at its best and everyone loves it.  The characters are generally easy to find except when they sneak up behind you.  The best way to enjoy TRANSFORMERS and all the other Universal Studios attractions is to take the VIP Experience…

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Two Rodeo is Number One! 150 150 admin

Two Rodeo is Number One!

A pedestrians-only cobblestone road curves through Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills and past all the amazing store fronts.  Just window shopping is an eye-popping experience.  Just to name a few of the world renowned businesses inviting you inside: Tiffany & Co., Versace, Jimmy Choo, Damiani, Vertu and Breguet.  All of our luxury tours of the…

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The Amazing Spider-man in Action! 150 150 admin

The Amazing Spider-man in Action!

Our tour guide was walking with his private luxury tour group through Hollywood at just the right moment to capture this extraordinary photograph of Spider-man nabbing an errant construction worker nearby.  As we have a high quality Nikon digital camera with us at all times we collect great photographs for our guests at all the…

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