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Fairbanks and Fairbanks Forever 150 150 admin

Fairbanks and Fairbanks Forever

Visiting the many celebrity cemeteries in Los Angeles can mean an entire afternoon for a private luxury tour with us though generally, if our guests are interested, we will stop only at one burial ground.  If we are in Hollywood then our preferred visit is to Hollywood Forever right behind Paramount Studios.  This beautiful spot…

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Look for a Blue Plaid Porsche 150 150 admin

Look for a Blue Plaid Porsche

Some of us would look at this classic automobile and think, “OMG! They have wrecked that beautiful car!” but, on the other hand, it gets a lot of attention and for marketing purposes that’s what you want.  Hästens on Beverly sells luxury bedding in West Hollywood.  Porsches are just one brand of expensive automobiles likely…

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Howard Hughes’ Secret Studio Entrance 150 150 admin

Howard Hughes’ Secret Studio Entrance

How often do you drive past something odd yet never really give it any thought until someone points it out to you?  Anyone in Los Angeles who has driven past the old Warner Hollywood Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard just west of La Brea has seen this unusual garage door with no driveway leading into…

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Another Young Life Saved at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital 150 150 admin

Another Young Life Saved at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

We usually photograph our private luxury tour guests on a helicopter landing on a downtown skyscraper.  This time, though, we captured this rescue helicopter making a landing at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Founded in 1901, The Los Angeles Children’s hospital is the largest healthcare facility on the west coast of North America for children in critical condition…

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Superman Rests in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Superman Rests in Hollywood

It was a wearying summer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame characters and here we grab a shot of Superman taking a break even as everyone watches.  He can always blame it on stash of green kryptonite hidden nearby.  Our private luxury tour guests just love these folks and happily tip them for photos which…

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See the Sea from a Ferris Wheel 150 150 admin

See the Sea from a Ferris Wheel

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the great California mini-amusement parks and carnivals still entertaining crowds.  This beautiful city landmark in the heart of Santa Monica, right on the Los Angeles coastline, offers great rides and attractions, food stands and restaurants, souvenir stores and shopping, and even fishing (bring your own gear for that…

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Hollywoodland Staircase 150 150 admin

Hollywoodland Staircase

Many cities with vertical topography have public staircases to navigate the hills.  Those staircases these days are also used as a source of stair training exercise.  Not all of them are as pretty as this particular stone staircase built in the original Hollywoodland development up Beachwood Canyon Drive and just past the stone pillars marking…

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PT Cruiser Cruising Dog Poet 150 150 admin

PT Cruiser Cruising Dog Poet

A dog and his man and his red PT Cruiser and his googles and the road and Los Angeles and the wind in his mouth and the smell of food everywhere and fancy dogs on fancy leashes with fancy collars walking on dog smelling sidewalks in Beverly Hills and hotels for dogs and dogs with…

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Hollywood Bug or Bust 150 150 admin

Hollywood Bug or Bust

We drive on Hollywood and Beverly Hills roads — a lot.  After all, we are a private luxury tour company showing small groups of visitors all the great things about Los Angeles in our custom vehicle.  Sometimes we do not even have to leave our vehicle (or even stop) to point out something right beside…

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Los Angeles and Modern Architecture 150 150 admin

Los Angeles and Modern Architecture

Richard Neutra is just one of the celebrated architects who created notable and even historic structures in and around Los Angeles.  Our custom private tours are frequently designed to satisfy the curiosity of architecture lovers coming to southern California.  Of course they want to see Hollywood and Beverly Hills and Venice and Malibu, but their…

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