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Today’s Blog Brought to You by the Letter “H” 150 150 admin

Today’s Blog Brought to You by the Letter “H”

Work is underway now sprucing up the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee.  With paint donated by Sherwin Williams (nearly 400 gallons), this much needed restoration of the sign is the first thorough renovation in several decades.  The sign will be 90 years old next year and draws the attention of millions of visitors a year…

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A Kelly’s Fudge Luxury Tour Stop in Hollywood 150 150 admin

A Kelly’s Fudge Luxury Tour Stop in Hollywood

Our digital camera equipped tour specialists easily take 50-100 photographs during an average private luxury tour with our Los Angeles guests.  Many of the photos we take are quite practiced as a result of taking them so often.  Other times we are motivated by opportunities and a photographer’s eye.  And sometimes the family will just…

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Merv Griffin’s Final Seque 150 150 admin

Merv Griffin’s Final Seque

It’s that special time of year when front porches are festooned with orange pumpkins and black cats, other scary and humorous objects, and front yards are desecrated, I mean decorated, with graveyard artifacts.  We regularly bring our guests to real graveyards when they are enjoying a private luxury tour of Hollywood on their visit to…

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They are NOT Forgotten in Venice, CA 150 150 admin

They are NOT Forgotten in Venice, CA

Many of our Los Angeles visitors want to explore the beach communities as well as Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Our private luxury tour guests when we are down on the shore can’t help but notice the block-long mural created by artist Peter Stewart in 1992 located on the east side of Pacific Avenue near Sunset Court in…

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Columbo No Longer Has One More Question 150 150 admin

Columbo No Longer Has One More Question

Almost everyone knew Peter Falk as Lt. Frank Columbo in the long running television movie series of the disheveled detective and his omnipresent cigar solving crimes for the Los Angeles Police Department.  However, Hollywood film buffs will remember his long and distinguished career and his six films with good friend John Cassavetes.  His headstone is…

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Comedy Paintings at the L.A. Improv 150 150 admin

Comedy Paintings at the L.A. Improv

High art or dart targets, it’s hard to say, but you can’t miss the parking lot as you arrive at the L.A. Improv in West Hollywood for an evening’s entertainment.  Can you put a name to all the faces shown?  Don’t worry if you can’t.  Visit the L.A. Improv and take a look at the…

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Luxury Tour Guests Love Luxury Cars 150 150 admin

Luxury Tour Guests Love Luxury Cars

Los Angeles is a car town.  Lots of freeway miles, miles and miles of streets.  We spend considerable time in our cars and our automobiles say a lot about us.  Luxury cars and custom cars are everywhere.  Because of the nice dry weather cars here in southern California remain beautiful well into their classic years. …

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Pet-Friendly Are Us! 150 150 admin

Pet-Friendly Are Us!

PAW (Pet-Friendly Accommodations Worldwide), started through the efforts of Janine Franceschi (and her Irish Setter, Beau) and provides a curated list of high quality hotels and services around the world that will happily host you and your canine best friend.  Visit the website to research and plan your journeys and activities, even book your hotel. …

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Hollywood Signed 150 150 admin

Hollywood Signed

Young lovers in Hollywood, just below the famous landmark, marked this eucalyptus tree with their initials, perhaps inspired by the countless love stories filmed just down the hill.  Then again, maybe not.  Still, our tour specialist, Jeff, took this not so obvious photograph of the Hollywood Sign while showing his private luxury tour guests around…

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Carmageddon II – In Traffic No One Can Hear You Honk 150 150 admin

Carmageddon II – In Traffic No One Can Hear You Honk

This coming weekend, September 29th and 30th, the 405 will be completely closed — again!  Starting around 10 p.m. on Friday and lasting until 5 a.m. on Monday, 10 miles of one of the busiest sections of one of the nation’s busiest highways will be empty.  No cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles — nothing.  Quiet.  No…

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