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Seeing Stars in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Seeing Stars in Hollywood

Our Private Tour on a Star Search No matter who is with us on a private tour of Los Angeles, no matter how far they have traveled to get here, if they arrived on a private jet or drove to the city, or even their generation and experience, it seems that our most common request…

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Beverly Hills Silver CLS500 150 150 admin

Beverly Hills Silver CLS500

Our Private Tour Guests Needed Sunglasses as This Mercedes Passes By There are so many late model Mercedes cars around Beverly Hills and Hollywood that we hardly notice them.  Just part of the ever moving (hopefully) traffic that we are happy to talk about on a Los Angeles private tour.  We often see some quite…

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Never Stop Wining in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Never Stop Wining in Los Angeles

Wineries Abound in Los Angeles for Our Private Tour Our private tour guests enjoying a visit to Los Angeles can spend time with us exploring many, if not all, of the local wineries.  Did you know there is a vineyard right next to the Hollywood Sign?  We point that one out and talk about it when…

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Ronald Reagan Lives Here 150 150 admin

Ronald Reagan Lives Here

Our Los Angeles Tour Visits the Reagan Library There are not too many libraries in the world, if any besides this one, that house an actual multi-engine jet plane as part of their displays.  It is a modified Boeing 707 and was familiarly known as Air Force One.  The aircraft, an armored limousine and bowls…

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The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles

Where a Private Tour of Los Angeles Goes to Beat the Heat There are sections of the Los Angeles beach lined with hotels where you would expect to find a crowd of visitors to Southern California.  However, most of the beach, even near the hotels, is filled every day by people from the city and…

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Venice Boardwalk Tour 150 150 admin

Venice Boardwalk Tour

Eat, Drink and Be Merry as We Tour the Venice Boardwalk The thing about Venice, California is that there is so much to see and enjoy.  Much more than just walking the fine wide beach.  In fact, there are generally more people on the boardwalk at any time then enjoying the sun and surf and…

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Parking for Bijan on Rodeo Drive 150 150 admin

Parking for Bijan on Rodeo Drive

Where We Don’t Park on a Private Tour along Rodeo Drive It is a special moment when we are driving down Rodeo Drive and see either the yellow Rolls Royce or the black and yellow Bugatti Veyron parked in front of Bijan, a very exclusive clothing store for men.  How exclusive?  The front window lists…

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Luxury Shopping Tour, Anyone? 150 150 admin

Luxury Shopping Tour, Anyone?

Let’s Sightsee and Window Shop on Your Private Tour Many of our Los Angeles private tour guests want to see the homes of the movie stars, their favorite celebrity mansions and the driveways, gates, mailboxes and gardens of the rich and famous in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We are happy to make that a highlight of…

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Say’s That a Stink Bug? 150 150 admin

Say’s That a Stink Bug?

Our Private Tour Gets an Extra Passenger We have bugs in Los Angeles.  Lots of bugs.  After a somewhat wet winter and with gardens looking lush around Beverly Hills it has been a great season for our insect friends.  Our desert conditions in general mean different kinds of bug populations than many of our private…

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The Cycle of Wine 150 150 admin

The Cycle of Wine

A Tasty Private Tour of the Santa Ynez Valley From a winery in downtown Los Angeles to numerous fine tasting rooms in nearby Malibu we can also drive, or fly in a luxury helicopter, south to the Temecula wine region or north to the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.  That is a lot of…

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