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Showgirls of Hollywood Boulevard 150 150 admin

Showgirls of Hollywood Boulevard

It Is Not Really a Dark Underbelly We Show Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Hollywood Boulevard continues its remarkable makeover from an overlooked urban thoroughfare fraught with seedy businesses and questionable street people to a city business avenue offering high quality shops, fine restaurants, entertainment and nightlife.  But the renaissance is not quite complete.  There…

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Beverly Hills Stopper 150 150 admin

Beverly Hills Stopper

Whoa! Says Our Los Angeles Tour Guest That’s right. We had to stop our custom van, especially built for ground tours in swanky neighborhoods, so our guest (and the guide) could photograph this fine custom jalopy parked on the street in this Beverly Hills neighborhood.  We could see continuing the tour in this beautifully redone…

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Los Angeles Heat Remedy – Gill’s Ice Cream 150 150 admin

Los Angeles Heat Remedy – Gill’s Ice Cream

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Are Happy Campers in the L.A. Heat While we have not been taking private Los Angeles tour folks here since 1937 if we had been sightseeing back then we surely would have dropped in for refreshing ice cream confections when the weather was this hot.  Phewwww, good thing we are…

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Hollywood – Land of Opportunity 150 150 admin

Hollywood – Land of Opportunity

Our Private Tour Guests Learn a Lot of Hollywood History on the Way to the Hollywood Sign There is so much to tell our guests about the Hollywood Sign and its origin with the land development called Hollywoodland that we have to have historic photos such as this one aboard our custom luxury vans to…

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Looking for Holly Golightly 150 150 admin

Looking for Holly Golightly

Los Angeles Tour Guests Love Audrey Hepburn   A theme tour of Los Angeles is our specialty.  When our guests indicate to us when they make their reservation that they have a particular interest – a person, place, television show or film – we make a special effort to determine every location relevant to them…

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Birthday Piercing – Los Angeles Tour Style 150 150 admin

Birthday Piercing – Los Angeles Tour Style

Body Art on a Los Angeles Tour As we mention to all our guests before they join us and while their private Los Angeles tour is ongoing, a custom private tour means we can go anywhere they wish and do anything they want while we are sightseeing through Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  In…

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Hollywood Sign – One Famous Revision 150 150 admin

Hollywood Sign – One Famous Revision

The Hollywood Sign Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Will Not See It was January 1, 1976, the date a new California law relaxing marijuana restrictions went into effect and Danny Finegood made sure everyone in Los Angeles was aware of the change.  He modified the famous Hollywood Sign to read “Hollyweed”.  This was just the…

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Strong Guys Pay Tribute to Strong Guy 150 150 admin

Strong Guys Pay Tribute to Strong Guy

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Have Fun with the Terminator By the time we get to Grauman’s Chinese Theater on our private Los Angeles tour our guests are very used to having us photograph them as they enjoy the sights and sounds of Hollywood and Los Angeles.  Having done this for so long we know…

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Home of the Pros in Los Angeles – the Staples Center 150 150 admin

Home of the Pros in Los Angeles – the Staples Center

Sports Enthusiasts Stop Here on Their Los Angeles Tour With the NBA season winding down, basketball fans enjoying a private Los Angeles tour with us love dropping by the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles to see the home of the L.A. Lakers and the L.A. Clippers.  These same guests of ours generally know that…

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Modern Motors on the Beach Path 150 150 admin

Modern Motors on the Beach Path

Los Angeles Tour Takes to the Segway on the Beach We do note on our website that we do all the driving on our Custom Los Angeles tour.  Well, that is not always the case.  When we take a trip along the ocean on a Segway each of our guests must drive their own.  It only…

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