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Modern Family Home Visited 150 150 admin

Modern Family Home Visited

Our Private Tour is a Modern Family Home Tour When our private Los Angeles tour family that day settled into our luxury SUV and we inquired about any particular things about our city interested them they answered quickly, “We love Modern Family.”  As it turns out we know where all the Hollywood area locations are…

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Wine and Ostriches 150 150 admin

Wine and Ostriches

A Private Wine Tour Is for the Birds Big birds.  Really big birds.  Ostriches and emus.  They reside at a 33-acre ranch just outside the famous Santa Ynez Valley wine region of southern California.  Favorite stopping points around here are Solvang, a Hans Christian Andersen Danish village with all the appropriate storefronts and foods you…

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Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance 150 150 admin

Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

Beauty Is in the Eye of Every Beholder on Our Private Tour Most days a walk along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is just a peek into the shopping preferences of the world’s wealthy.  Remember Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN shopping on Richard Gere‘s dime?  It’s like that.  From lingerie to leather wallets to watches…

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The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles 150 150 admin

The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests Learn How Big Los Angeles Really Is When we hike up to the top of Mt. Lee our guests are often surprised that there is so much more to see than the Hollywood Sign and the views south over the Los Angeles basin from downtown to the sea.  On clear days…

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Sign of the Times in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Sign of the Times in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Love Their Present Day Photos Every day, in numerous languages and accents, our private Los Angeles tour guests request to drive up to (or hover in front with our helicopters) the Hollywood Sign.  Without doubt it is the number one destination on any custom tour we create for our guests.  We…

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Meet a Minion on a Hollywood Tour 150 150 admin

Meet a Minion on a Hollywood Tour

Our Custom Hollywood Tour Guests Learn to Speak Minion The kids aboard pick up the lingo the fastest but one of our guides is quite good and even knows a few Minion songs (so he tells us).  He also speaks Klingon.  What is important to know is that when we travel on a private Los…

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Flags Unfurl at Beverly Hills City Hall 150 150 admin

Flags Unfurl at Beverly Hills City Hall

Our Luxury Tour Guests Impressed by Beverly Hills City Hall It is an undeniably beautiful building which is one of the many reasons it has been used in so many movies and television shows, commercials and print ads over the years.  The William Gage building erected in 1932 was representative of government buildings of the…

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Universal Pretend Town in Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Universal Pretend Town in Los Angeles

By Air or By Tram the Universal Backlot Thrills our Private Tour Guests Our guests wanted to see the Hollywood studios, all the studios, and wanted to see them from both our helicopter and by car on a private tour of Los Angeles.  Our pilot was happy to comply.  The studios are used to seeing…

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Lincoln Continental Mark II – Yesteryear’s Gem 150 150 admin

Lincoln Continental Mark II – Yesteryear’s Gem

Our Private Tour Guests Had Never Seen This Beauty As we so often remark when we post about a vintage or interesting automobile sighting on the streets of Los Angeles, old cars never die in southern California.  Our warm, dry (very dry lately) climate, wide streets and car-crazy culture see vintage, custom and all sorts…

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Hollywood Bowl Nights 150 150 admin

Hollywood Bowl Nights

Make the Hollywood Bowl a post- Private Tour Destination The Hollywood Bowl is an impressive outdoor amphitheater that we love to take our private Los Angeles tour guests to see during the day when we can.  As the bowl is a city park we have pretty good access even during the summer concert season unless…

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