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Wine-tasting in the City of Angels 150 150 Tony Riccio

Wine-tasting in the City of Angels

Although Northern California receives most of the acclaim for being a premium wine-growing region, it’s not the only destination in the Golden State where you can find a classy glass of red. The Wine Country of the north is somewhat remote when compared to the excellent wineries right in the Greater Los Angeles area. Wine…

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Roof Top Lounge / Venice 150 150 Tony Riccio

Roof Top Lounge / Venice

Ambiance always attracts, and when it comes to cool roof top hang outs with amazing views, I am always drawn in for a peek. Located atop the Hotel Erwin overlooking the Pacific Ocean, High is a Venice Beach open-air lounge, where the nightly sunset is captivating and calming! High takes full advantage of its outdoor…

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Intelligentsia Coffee, Venice, CA 150 150 Tony Riccio

Intelligentsia Coffee, Venice, CA

An affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is the marriage of espresso and gelato, perhaps the best combination of hot and cold since apple pie and ice cream. At Intelligentsia Coffee Venice, this is achieved by first placing a scoop of dense vanilla bean gelato into a glass . The barista then pours a hot…

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Beverly Hills: See How the Other Half Lives 150 150 Tony Riccio

Beverly Hills: See How the Other Half Lives

Thanks to its close proximity to Los Angeles and the Hollywood film industry, Beverly Hills is the place to find an abundance of big-name celebrities. A movie star can be sure that she has “made it” if she can call the Hills home. The mansions there are among the largest and most expensive in the…

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Get Out and Enjoy California 150 150 Tony Riccio

Get Out and Enjoy California

Los Angeles is best known as the capital of the U.S. film industry, a place where star sightings are an everyday occurrence and streets are routinely cordoned off to allow for movie directors to maintain a closed set. But people often forget the wealth of outdoor activities that are within easy travel distance from Hollywood.…

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Hollywood: The People, the Sights and the Anecdotes 150 150 Tony Riccio

Hollywood: The People, the Sights and the Anecdotes

Hollywood has a mystique all its own. There’s the glamorous side, characterized by red-carpet galas and decadent parties in the Hills, where champagne flows freely and the biggest stars of today walk in the hallowed footsteps of their famous forebears. And of course there’s the seedy underbelly, best captured in films such as L.A. Confidential,…

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