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There Goes Spiderman 150 150 admin

There Goes Spiderman

When Our Private Tour Gets to Hollywood We never know who we are going to run into when we get to Hollywood.  Superheros by the boatload inhabit Hollywood Boulevard near Grauman’s Chinese Theater whenever school is out.  Spring break recently saw practically every member of the Avengers walking the boulevard and saving our young private…

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Hello Hollywood 150 150 admin

Hello Hollywood

Our Private Tour Knows Where They Are There is as much looking down as looking up when our private Los Angeles tour arrives in Hollywood.  We are, of course, talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the 2,600+ stars embedded in the sidewalk along 17 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.  Talk about a…

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El Capitan Theater in Hollywood Has Tours 150 150 admin

El Capitan Theater in Hollywood Has Tours

A Tour within a Private Tour of Hollywood When our guests get to Hollywood we extol the beauty and exhibition wonder of several of the historic movie palaces we will show them.  While we strongly urge them to make time to return after their private Los Angeles tour with us to see a movie presented…

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Stairway to Dolby 150 150 admin

Stairway to Dolby

Climbing to the Stars on a Private Los Angeles Tour Walking into the entranceway of the Dolby Theatre our custom luxury tour guests sightseeing with us in Los Angeles are confronted with a giant red-tiled staircase leading from the ground level to the entrance of this magnificent Hollywood auditorium and sound stage.  Yes, sound stage. …

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Hollywood – A Different View 150 150 admin

Hollywood – A Different View

High Above Highland with Our Private Tour in Hollywood The Hollywood and Highland Center is a big place.  City block big.  Monumentally big.  As big as the epic silent movie set from which much of the mall’s design is drawn.  The fact that it is large means there are many places to eat, drink, shop…

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Long Thin Malibu 150 150 admin

Long Thin Malibu

Our Private Tour Flies from Malibu to Hollywood We keep our fleet of luxury helicopters busy throughout the year because the weather is so regularly perfect for a low and slow flight around Los Angeles.  Most of our private Los Angeles tour guests combine a helicopter tour with a ground tour.  That’s a very good…

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Floral Tribute to Nancy Reagan 150 150 admin

Floral Tribute to Nancy Reagan

Our Private Tour Through Bel Air Pays Respects to Nancy Reagan Memorial wreaths, flowers and mementos on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are regular sad sights on a private Los Angeles tour with us.  We make it a point to locate those stars who have recently passed away and show our guests the regard that…

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Bel Air – Neighborhood of the Stars 150 150 admin

Bel Air – Neighborhood of the Stars

Our Private Tour Guests Get to Know Bel Air This six square mile neighborhood of Los Angeles between Hollywood and the beach – one of the least densely populated areas of the city – is essentially a residential area with winding forested streets along large well-landscaped properties adjacent to UCLA.  When we are pointing out…

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California Central Coast Beauty 150 150 admin

California Central Coast Beauty

A Private Tour Can See More of California than Los Angeles “Have Vehicles, Licenses, Certification…Will Travel.”*  We are not at all limited to Los Angeles or even Southern California.  We have guests who may start their sightseeing locally with us and see how we present the beauty, wonder and interesting points about Hollywood, Beverly Hills…

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Oscars Time Lasts Weeks in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Oscars Time Lasts Weeks in Hollywood

See Hollywood Prepare for the Oscars on a Private Tour It is only once a year that Hollywood pulls out all the stops to prepare for the Oscars.  This year was no different.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests have a chance to see the workers setting up the Dolby Theatre and Hollywood Boulevard for…

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