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Planning Things Ahead Of Time 150 150 admin

Planning Things Ahead Of Time

When you go on vacation the best thing to do is plan all your activities in advance. Planning ahead ensures that you will have a good time. It takes the stress out of trying to find things to do. This is really true when you have kids that you are taking with you. If you…

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Our Second Honeymoon 150 150 admin

Our Second Honeymoon

The first vacation that my husband and I had after our one year anniversary was a trip to L.A. I had lived in California all my life, but never went to L.A. It was such an exciting adventure. My husband took care of all the details so I didn’t have to anything. The trip was…

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Midway Recommendation 150 150 admin

Midway Recommendation

Come check out a video on Midway cars and their Ferrari California. A great way to tour la.

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150 150 admin

VIP Recommendation

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Platine Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich 150 150 admin

Platine Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich

Celebrate the summer season with ice cream sandwiches from Jamie Cantor, former pastry chef at French Laundry. Thinking of summer, something cold will always hit the spot in the soon to be hot weather. Great place head to after a fitness and hiking tour of Los Angeles. Cantor helms Platine Cookies and now offers the…

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True Food Kitchen Opens at Santa Monica Place 150 150 admin

True Food Kitchen Opens at Santa Monica Place

Walking into True Food Kitchen at Santa Monica Place, you’re greeted with planter boxes filled with fresh herbs, a living wall blooming next to the hostess stand and expansive ceilings with exposed beams, but it’s the menu that illuminates True Food Kitchen’s commitment to sophisticated, sustainable and healthy cuisine. Chef Michael Stebner, helms the kitchen…

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Photo: Malibu Sunset 150 150 admin

Photo: Malibu Sunset

Photo: Beautiful Santa Monica coastal view! 150 150 admin

Photo: Beautiful Santa Monica coastal view!

Aerial Photo: Malibu Pier 150 150 admin

Aerial Photo: Malibu Pier

Photo: Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Photo: Beverly Hills