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Rockin’ Ramone Sleeps Now 150 150 admin

Rockin’ Ramone Sleeps Now

From celebrity houses to celebrity headstones, Elite Adventure Tours can take you by Hollywood Forever cemetery to see where the stars sleep.

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Get Lucky at the Lucky Strike 150 150 admin

Get Lucky at the Lucky Strike

There is more to bowling today than rolling a large hard rubber orb down a slick wooden lane to knock down odd shaped wooden pins at the far end.  No, today there is contemporary music, fine dining, designer cocktails, and all the pretty people you expect to find lounging, courting and enjoying life in Hollywood. …

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“Y,” because We Love You… 150 150 admin

“Y,” because We Love You…

It's a healthy but doable walk up Mt. Lee by the old Batman cave to see the Hollywood sign as most folks never do.

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A Modern Venice Gondola? 150 150 admin

A Modern Venice Gondola?

The canals are mostly gone but it's still fun to cruise around Venice on a Segway with Elite Adventure Tours

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Look, I’m Flying! 150 150 admin

Look, I’m Flying!

Indoor skydiving at iFLY at Universal Citywalk  

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The Gun That Won The West 150 150 admin

The Gun That Won The West

There is no more romantic firearm than the Colt six-shooters that blazed across the west as the country was settled.  Make visiting the Autry National Center a part of your experience when you tour Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The Autry Museum in Griffith Park, across from the Los Angeles Zoo, is a world…

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Where the deer and the other deer play 150 150 admin

Where the deer and the other deer play

Old Place, New Food 150 150 admin

Old Place, New Food

  The oldest restaurant still grilling steaks and pouring martinis in Hollywood is Musso and Frank Grill on Hollywood Boulevard.  Anywhere you sit in the restaurant you can conjure images of world famous celebrity butts having been in that exact seat sometime in the past 95 years, enjoying fine grilled meats and seafood and mouthwatering…

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Need a Little Magic in Your Life? 150 150 admin

Need a Little Magic in Your Life?

One of Hollywood’s real treats is a fine dinner followed by an extravagant stage show of illusions presented by the world’s greatest magicians.  Even more fun is the setting — a great old home full of tricks of its own.  Besides the grand stage there are numerous small stages and performing areas for “up close…

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Whitney Missed 150 150 admin

Whitney Missed

People gather outside the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills to remember Whitney Houston

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