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Breakfast at Capote’s 150 150 admin

Breakfast at Capote’s

So many of us when we think of Truman Capote quickly bring to mind In Cold Blood, his chilling account of a real family murdered in Kansas in 1959.  Let’s remember that he also penned the short story of Holly Golightly which later became the cherished film BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S.  The photograph above was taken…

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Bijan on Rodeo Drive 150 150 admin

Bijan on Rodeo Drive

As we are a luxury private tour company showing our distinguished guests the sights of Los Angeles including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu, it is no surprise that we are often stopping along Rodeo Drive to do a little shopping.  We remember that, while Bijan operated by appointment only, he often welcomed us…

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The Rockwalk Walk 150 150 admin

The Rockwalk Walk

Musical celebrities are among those honored on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard (and Vine Street) but nearby, in front of the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, is a sidewalk celebration of handprints of rock stars — musicians, composers, songwriters.  Regular induction ceremonies are big events and fun to attend.  On your next private…

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Beverly Hills Goes to the Dogs 150 150 admin

Beverly Hills Goes to the Dogs

Herd of dogs?  Sure, we’ve heard of dogs but in all our private luxury tours here in Beverly Hills we have not seen this many dogs being walked at the same time.  And large dogs, too.  They should get a sleigh for the dogs to pull or at least a Mercedes.

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And the Oscar goes to …. 150 150 admin

And the Oscar goes to ….

We captured this wonderful photograph from the upper level of the Blossom Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on a recent private luxury tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills with guests particularly interested in the film industry and its illustrious history.  How could we not take them to see the location of the first Academy…

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Summer is Gone 150 150 admin

Summer is Gone

One of the melancholy yet sweet occurrences that happens on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the rapid appearance of flowers, candles, memorials and other nostalgia items at the star of a recently deceased celebrity.  We took this photo just after the flowers arrived here at the star of Donna Summer while on a private…

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Escape the City for Wine 150 150 admin

Escape the City for Wine

As seen while landing in our helicopter at a private winery estate in the Malibu Hills, this rock formation is called Saddlerock. Our Urban Escape wine tasting adventure alights here for a catered lunch and private wine tasting session. Our guests enjoy their private, luxury tour and a chance to walk through the vineyard, see…

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Dance Freely at the Music Center 150 150 admin

Dance Freely at the Music Center

Nothing is more fun than heading down to the Los Angeles Music center for an evening of singing, dancing or drumming.  Coming up soon, 80’s dancing on the central plaza.  80’s dancing you ask, what’s that?  Try: Breakdancing & The Robot & Headbanging & That move Molly Ringwald does in The Breakfast Club & Walk…

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Get Booked at LitFest Pasadena 150 150 admin

Get Booked at LitFest Pasadena

Love books?  Love to read?  Love to eat, walk around, observe and meet literate people?  If any of this is true then you want to get over to Pasadena’s Central Park (in the shadow of Castle Green) on Saturday, May 12th.  Panels are scheduled throughout the day with successful writers from around the area so…

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Hollywood Stars’ Homes Tour (without the bus) 150 150 admin

Hollywood Stars’ Homes Tour (without the bus)

Do you ever wonder where the Hollywood tour guides get all their information?  Do you ever think, are they making this stuff up?  Well, we at Elite Adventure Tours consistently attempt to know as much of the confirmed history of Hollywood and Beverly Hills as we can hold in our heads.  We read the historian’s…

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