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All That Jazz! 150 150 admin

All That Jazz!

All that jazz and all that wine!  What could be more fun when looking for something to do on a warm Tuesday summer evening in Los Angeles?  Head over to the Hollywood Highland Center and find a place in the courtyard to experience fine jazz music (different every week, check the schedule) and wine and…

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Automatic Cupcake Machine (ACM) 150 150 admin

Automatic Cupcake Machine (ACM)

Walking around Beverly Hills late at night with an overwhelming desire for a baked good with icing?  Well, there is now a solution to that particular problem — the Sprinkles cupcake vending machine on little Santa Monica Boulevard between Camden and Bedford.  Using the ACM is as much fun as eating the cupcake you purchase…

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Buster’s Hollywood 150 150 admin

Buster’s Hollywood

Audiences are so loving this tribute to Buster Keaton playing at Sacred Fools in Hollywood that the run has been extended until August 5th.  The celebrated silent film comedian is played in part by an comedy actor who idolizes his subject.  While you will remember him from 3rd Planet from the Sun, here French Stewart…

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Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go 150 150 admin

Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

Food truck culture is as much a part of the Los Angeles food scene as the many high priced celebrity eateries and remaining Route 66 greasy spoons.  Lobsta Truck is one of our favorites.  Justin Mi got the idea on a summer trip to Maine (where else when you think of lobster?) and returning home created…

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Happy Birthday, Paramount Studios 150 150 admin

Happy Birthday, Paramount Studios

Happy Birthday, Dear Paramount …  100 years, since 1912, Paramount Studios has been producing films, and later television, from their beautiful studio lot on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.  It is the last of the major studios remaining in Hollywood.  Home of The Godfather and Star Trek we film buffs also know the first film to…

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Helicopter Self-Portrait 150 150 admin

Helicopter Self-Portrait

We are flying low along Will Rogers State Beach in Los Angeles on a perfect morning before the beach goers arrive at this beautiful Santa Monica location.  Our private luxury tour guests enjoy photos like this provided on each of our tours.  We travel back in our custom vehicles after the flight to see more…

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A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour 150 150 admin

A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour

After its star turn in Little Miss Sunshine this yellow Volkswagon microbus has been retired to a private Malibu vineyard to enjoy its golden years.  Like other extraordinary sights available to our private luxury tour guests who we have flown by helicopter to this secluded winery for an exclusive wine tasting experience and a gourmet…

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(Don’t) Take Down that Wall 150 150 admin

(Don’t) Take Down that Wall

Wilshire Boulevard along the Miracle Mile and Museum Row are so full of eye catching sights (buildings, tar pits, strange people) that is is easy to miss seeing this stretch of erect concrete slabs that were once a part of the Berlin Wall separating East and West Berlin during the Cold War.  Now a public…

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Today and a Long Time Ago — AGO 150 150 admin

Today and a Long Time Ago — AGO

When asked by our luxury tour guests as we glide around Los Angeles where we would recommend they eat when the cuisine they seek is Italian we always suggest Ago.  Just east of La Cienega we still consider it a part of the extended Restaurant Row running up from Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills all…

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Sideways – The Play 150 150 admin

Sideways – The Play

One of the most highly regarded independent films in recent memory, SIDEWAYS moved audiences and increased wine sales everywhere.  We had so many requests for wine tasting tours of the Santa Ynez valley that we created a private luxury Sideways tour that includes the option of watching the movie as we drive up to Santa…

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