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Seth MacFarlane (not Ted) to Host Oscars 150 150 admin

Seth MacFarlane (not Ted) to Host Oscars

Click on the image above to watch Seth MacFarlane tell his dad about his being selected to host the 85th Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood.  The reaction is not exactly what Seth was expecting.  The Oscars are always a great time in and around Hollywood for everyone especially our private luxury tour guests enjoying their…

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Beautiful Bridge to Somewhere 150 150 admin

Beautiful Bridge to Somewhere

Before director Tony Scott’s tragic leap on August 19th, many Los Angelenos didn’t even realize our city is home to the 4th largest suspension bridge (1,500 ft.) in California (and one of the top 85 in length in the world).   It’s called the Vincent Thomas Bridge, named after the San Pedro legislator who fought hard for its construction in…

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Enjoy the Book of Mormon at the Pantages 150 150 admin

Enjoy the Book of Mormon at the Pantages

It’s here … the Book of Mormon has finally arrived in Los Angeles from Broadway.  This delightful and irreverent look at the religion of one of our presidential candidates will probably not shock and offend its audience as much as provoke and titillate them with copious amounts of laughter and mirth.  Let’s not forget the…

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Whiskey Lovers Love Seven Grand 150 150 admin

Whiskey Lovers Love Seven Grand

  Our private luxury tour guests staying in downtown Los Angeles at the Ritz-Carlton, the Biltmore, the J.W. Marriott, even the Jonathan Club, are always intrigued when we mention Seven Grand as a special place to drop by to sample exotic whiskeys in an elegant bar.  Seven Grand offers nearly 400 different whiskeys in a…

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Hi to the High Sierra 150 150 admin

Hi to the High Sierra

We love packing up our private luxury tour guests for an adventure tour to Yosemite National Park.  Even better if we have a true hiking group ready to head up to Lake Vogelsang, elevation above 10,000 ft., to witness views such as this.  Crystal clear water, crystal blue skies, striking clear (and thin) air.  It…

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Not the Jetsons, But Close 150 150 admin

Not the Jetsons, But Close

Taking off and landing in a helicopter from our rooftop helipad in downtown Los Angeles is a wonderful experience.  It’s not quite the Jetsons, but it’s close.  Our private luxury tour consists of a 60-minute flight over the downtown core so you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dodger Stadium and Staples Center, the…

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Breakfast for Lunch at The Omelette Parlor 150 150 admin

Breakfast for Lunch at The Omelette Parlor

One of the coolest places to have a quick and easy meal is at The Omelette Parlor on Main Street in Santa Monica, the neighborhood known as Ocean Park.  Open before 7a.m. and into the late afternoon you can easily fulfill that hankering for eggs, French toast and bacon with piping hot coffee and fresh…

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Dancing with the Helicopters 150 150 admin

Dancing with the Helicopters

We only get to see this when our private luxury helicopter tours depart from the airport where the aircraft park overnight.  We take off in our Eurocopter Twinstar, a fun and comfortable aircraft for a Los Angeles tour experience, amidst the film production and news helicopters, sometimes all moving at the same time.  Our downtown…

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Ahoy, maties! That Yacht Looks Fine. 150 150 admin

Ahoy, maties! That Yacht Looks Fine.

California sea lions, those very large and very loud pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals) that populate our coast and love to be where people are also enjoy having their photos taken (we think).  Quite loquacious, raucous even, they call out to us from their No. 1 sunshine buoy as we pass by on a private luxury sea…

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Paradise Dessert at Paradise Cove 150 150 admin

Paradise Dessert at Paradise Cove

One of the most beautiful beaches in California is Malibu’s Paradise Cove.  Besides the beautiful sandy shore captured in too many movies and television shows over the years to list here (but a short list is on the website), there are all the services available there that you could want to enjoy one or many…

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