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Luxury Tours

Yacht Sailing to Catalina 150 150 admin

Yacht Sailing to Catalina

This Private Adventure Tour Has Us Sailing Into Avalon Bay Most of our private tours are in our fleet of luxury SUVs.  We drive ALL around Los Angeles with multiple stops in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and along the beach communities from Venice Beach to Malibu.  That’s usually.  We visit film studios, recording studios, celebrity homes. …

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Movie Lover’s Promenade to the Dolby 150 150 admin

Movie Lover’s Promenade to the Dolby

Our Private Tour is All About the Movies Unquestionably movie lovers love Hollywood.  From the earlies part of the history of Hollywood filmdom when nickelodeons and “flickers” were the means by which moving pictures were enjoyed to recognizing familiar locations of favorite scenes to seeing costumed actors representing celebrated movie characters our private Los Angeles…

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Sun, Pool & Drinks at Skybar 150 150 admin

Sun, Pool & Drinks at Skybar

Fun in the Sun on the Sunset Strip Lures Our Private Tour We might have stopped but with the prospect of the beach ahead we decided to pass by the line to get into Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip.  Those waiting know how beautiful the view from the poolside is and…

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Summer and a Tour of Hollywood 150 150 admin

Summer and a Tour of Hollywood

Family Private Tours of Hollywood Are a Real Treat If you need to be certain the children have a lot of material to include in their “What I Did This Summer” back-to-school reports then you definitely need to consider a private luxury tour of Hollywood.  With just you and a camera toting guide it is…

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In and Out of In-N-Out 150 150 admin

In and Out of In-N-Out

Private Tour Fast Food is a Destination for Some With all the special and unique places to get something to eat during a private tour of Los Angeles we are all constantly amazed by our guests who arrive in Southern California dreaming of a meal at In-N-Out Burger.  It seems that they have heard of…

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Our Dash to DASH 150 150 admin

Our Dash to DASH

A “Must Shop” Stop at DASH on a Private Luxury Tour We are always in contact with our Los Angeles private tour guests before we pick them up.  Sometimes when tours are booked through our website there are numerous emails and telephone calls working out the plans and itineraries that give our guests the custom tour of…

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Poodle Takes Hollywood 150 150 admin

Poodle Takes Hollywood

A Private Tour in Hollywood with Your Dog With as many cool stops as we make to walk around all the best parts of Los Angeles having a dog along as a guest is no problem at all.  In fact, we can make it a point to not only visit the Hollywood Sign but spend…

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Photo Freaks in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Photo Freaks in Hollywood

We Challenge Our Private Tour Guests to Name All the Hollywood Characters No matter how crowded the Hollywood Walk of Fame might get on a warm summer day there are always a good number of impersonators dressed up as familiar (mostly) characters from movies and television or as famous people.  We ran into Elvis and…

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A Visit to Los Angeles’ Past 150 150 admin

A Visit to Los Angeles’ Past

Los Angeles Then and Now for Our Private Tour Driving into Los Angeles you would never see daytime traffic so sparse as in this frame from a home made film of 1954.  Also, the tallest building downtown was City Hall just like so many of our private Los Angeles tour guests remember from the television…

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We Found Dory 150 150 admin

We Found Dory

Our Private Tour Has Eyes on the Stars at FINDING DORY Premiere While their tour guide knew exactly what was happening and was mindful of the timing of the private custom tour of Los Angeles he was leading, his guests began to suspect something was going on, something big, as they came into Hollywood.  Sure enough,…

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