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Saint Monica in Santa Monica 150 150 admin

Saint Monica in Santa Monica

Our Private Tour Guests Reflect on Families as the Sun Sets in Santa Monica Wilshire Boulevard is the “Main Street” of Los Angeles.  For 18 miles the wide roadway connects downtown Los Angeles to the ocean in Santa Monica.  Traffic on this main road of a major city can often leave our guides praying for salvation…

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Still Life on Sunset Boulevard 150 150 admin

Still Life on Sunset Boulevard

A Favorite Home to Pass By on A Private Los Angeles Tour The front lawn of 10000 Sunset Boulevard in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles seems always to be quite busy.  People, children and pets are all engaged in life activities in a perpetual tableau.  These are all sculpted works on display in front of this…

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10/4 for that Hollywood Tour 150 150 admin

10/4 for that Hollywood Tour

Our Private Tour Is Introduced to 10-4 Day “10-4,” “Roger that,” “Copy” – all expressions we know from countless years watching police procedurals on television and enjoying cops in the movies.  But where did they originate and why are they still used?  Turns out that the Ten Code (like 10-4) was developed in 1937 as…

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Hollywood – Bring Your Friends 150 150 admin

Hollywood – Bring Your Friends

Get Your Gang on a Los Angeles Private Tour Certainly it is fun and rewarding to travel with your lover or your family and enjoy a vacation in beautiful Southern California.  We see the joy in the faces of our private tour guests all the time as they become excited to see the homes of…

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Chewbacca for President 150 150 admin

Chewbacca for President

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Are Undecided You might think that a visit to Hollywood‘s historic center would be a good way to avoid the presidential campaign and all the craziness surrounding our upcoming election.  Turns out that is not the case.  Chewbacca is mounting a third party campaign of his own and attracting a…

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Visit Venice in the Fall 150 150 admin

Visit Venice in the Fall

Enjoy Los Angeles on a Private Tour After School Starts We in beach communities can always tell when summer is over and school has begun.  The weekday crowds thin out greatly and we have the beach and the coastal businesses to ourselves once again.  Parking is easy and lines are short if there are lines…

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Pokémon Go Gone to Hollywood 150 150 admin

Pokémon Go Gone to Hollywood

Pikachu Meets Our Private Tour Friends in Hollywood You don’t always need an app to find a Pokémon character when you get to Hollywood on a private tour of Los Angeles.  These days you are likely to find any number of Pokémon species wandering up and down the most famous sidewalk in the world, the…

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Suicide Squad Big in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Suicide Squad Big in Hollywood

Grauman’s Chinese Theater Welcomes Suicide Squad and Our Private Tour The biggest of Hollywood movie theaters is now hosting another big summer flick.  Suicide Squad is playing in IMAX 3D, the largest format for theatrical exhibition.  Big screen, big sound and big action fun for fans of comic book films.  Our guests did not buy…

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Enjoy Your Selfie at the Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

Enjoy Your Selfie at the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Is All About the Pictures Everyone takes pictures on vacation, right?  It is expected.  In this modern age when cell phones double as cameras a family visiting Hollywood can return home with bazillions of digital images from every family member’s phone.  We encourage this on every private Los Angeles tour we do. …

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Swim in the Mountains above Malibu 150 150 admin

Swim in the Mountains above Malibu

Add Luxury Swimming to Luxury Private Tour Maybe swimming in the Pacific Ocean is not special enough for our guests on a private tour around Los Angeles.  The beaches are very crowded and very hot lately in these dog days of summer.  The swimming pool at their hotel is also crowded.  What do we suggest…

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