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Making America Safe (Saturday mornings, at least) 150 150 admin

Making America Safe (Saturday mornings, at least)

We know superheroes, live action and cartoons, and will entertain your kids on our tours with their secrets.

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Killer Whales Visit Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Killer Whales Visit Los Angeles

Orcas are a rare sight off of the southern California coast but they do pass by from time to time.  This photo was taken in January as a pod of 30 or so of the sleek creatures were spotted on a whale watching cruise from the Aquarium of the Pacific. Now is the best time…

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High above Los Angeles 150 150 admin

High above Los Angeles

The US Bank building is the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Flying over it while touring by helicopter is spectacular.

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Treat for the Kids 150 150 admin

Treat for the Kids

Since 1964 the Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been entertaining children (and the young at heart) here in Los Angeles with wildly imaginative shows, costumes and performances.  Even today, in a world of Wii and high technology, old school storytelling with masterful puppetry still enthralls and delights our children (and us). Current Show – Fiesta!…

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Viewing the City 150 150 admin

Viewing the City

Another beautiful day, another beautiful view of Los Angeles

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Where’s the Wine? 150 150 admin

Where’s the Wine?

Where's the wine? You get to choose which winery to visit on the Sideways private tour.

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The Straight on Skinny’s 150 150 admin

The Straight on Skinny’s

Skinny’s Lounge is everything you’d want in a NoHo nightspot — equal parts cool, slick, comfortable and dark, like, say, a Hollywood bar/lounge, except, being over the hill, just a bit more laid-back. There’s comfortably plush seating; dark, earthy, off-reddish tones in the décor; and an interesting L-shaped configuration with an ample curved bar and an…

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Angels Flight Out of Commission 150 150 admin

Angels Flight Out of Commission

The historic Angels Flight railway, “the shortest railway in the world,”  in downtown Los Angeles is grounded for several weeks for routine maintenance and will likely reopen with a slightly higher ticket fare. Starting Tuesday, January 10th, the railway was closed to replace worn rails and complete some carpentry and paint work on the 110-year-old rail cars,…

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CRU 150 150 admin


Inspired vegan and raw cuisine in the heart of silverlake, renowned for it’s creative use of the freshest organic produce and entirely gluten-free menu. Chef Rachel Carr crafts exquisite vegan offerings from a huge variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Artfully weaving Italian, Japanese, Tunisian, Thai and Indian flavors into a…

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Upright Cabaret’s American Icon Series: Heart And Soul 150 150 admin

Upright Cabaret’s American Icon Series: Heart And Soul

Upright Cabaret’s American Icon Series kicks off its 3rd smash season with Heart and Soul, celebrating the music of Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick and Whitney Houston. This is just another fun and unique event to go to while touring LA. Starring Shoshana Bean (Wicked, Hairspray), Sylvia MacAlla (Hairspray), American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado (Dreamgirls –…

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