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Quiet on the Street Set, Stop Honking! 150 150 admin

Quiet on the Street Set, Stop Honking!

We hardly ever have a tour where we do not encounter a film crew out on location.  We see either a parked convoy of semis, vans and half-ton pickups or we run full on into bright lights, cables and off duty and retired police seeing that the crew is undisturbed and able to do their…

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Picture This 150 150 admin

Picture This

Everyone visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood brings a camera or at least a camera-equipped cell phone.  At Elite Adventure Tours we know and respect our guests and the photos they take.  However, we pride ourselves on grabbing especially great photos of ALL the guests (yes, dad will be in the pictures) and even working some…

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Yes, It’s Easy Being Green 150 150 admin

Yes, It’s Easy Being Green

Once the Chaplin Studio, later A&M Records and now the Henson Studios, Kermit the Frog stands watch in a costumed homage to Charlie Chaplin. This pass by the working studio is always a favorite for the kids enjoying a private luxury tour of Hollywood and Los Angeles with their family and Elite Adventure Tours.

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Watch the Sunset then See the Lights on Sunset Boulevard 150 150 admin

Watch the Sunset then See the Lights on Sunset Boulevard

Longer days and, more important, warmer weather make luxury sunset tours a beautiful option for seeing Los Angeles and its beaches.

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Dinosaur Breath, Is That What I Smell at the La Brea Tar Pits? 150 150 admin

Dinosaur Breath, Is That What I Smell at the La Brea Tar Pits?

The La Brea Tar Pits is still there after all these hundreds of thousands of years.  Right in Museum Row on the Miracle Mile of Los Angeles it is a perfect stop on a tour of Hollywood to let everyone stretch their legs and allow the kids to run around, jump and roll down the…

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Walt Disney Concert Hall Wonder 150 150 admin

Walt Disney Concert Hall Wonder

No custom tour of Los Angeles is complete without a visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Gustavo Dudamel.  The building defies description and must be seen to be believed.  The exterior is wondrous and the interior is breathtaking.  Enjoy a private tour of Los Angeles with…

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Hollywood Biker Gang 150 150 admin

Hollywood Biker Gang

Oh, the biker gangs you pass along the road in Hollywood.

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Hollywood Genuflection 150 150 admin

Hollywood Genuflection

Like all good film directors you have to focus on what's in the frame as one of our guests did here up at the Hollywood sign.

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Don’t Slip on a Star 150 150 admin

Don’t Slip on a Star

A rare rainy day on the Walk of Fame and still fun for guests of Elite Adventure Tours (we have big umbrellas)

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Ansel Adams Was Here 150 150 admin

Ansel Adams Was Here

Ansel Adams was in Los Angeles in 1940 for Fortune Magazine to cover the aircraft industry.  Over 200 photographs that he took while here are on display at drkrm including this photograph of The Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood.  Make the gallery a stop while on your luxury tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly…

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