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Hollywood Sign

Castillo del Lago – Hollywood Castle 150 150 admin

Castillo del Lago – Hollywood Castle

On Your Hollywood Sign Tour Castillo del Lago (Castle of the Lake) is a celebrated residence overlooking the Hollywood Reservoir (Lake Hollywood to us residents).  This 9-bedroom home, built in 1926 on three acres of hillside real estate, was home to, among others, Bugsy Siegel, Madonna and Joe Pytka.  Built along the ridge below the…

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The Hollywood Sign All Shiny and New 150 150 admin

The Hollywood Sign All Shiny and New

Our last photograph to share from 2012 is one of the newly repainted Hollywood Sign ready to glow brightly as a Los Angeles landmark for the next 30 years or so.  Thanks again to Sherwin-Williams Paint Company for providing primer and paint and to the Hollywood Sign Trust for getting the job done.  Almost every…

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Wily Coyote in Hollywood 150 150 admin

Wily Coyote in Hollywood

We don’t have roadrunners in Hollywood (except at Warner Bros. — meep, meep!) but we do have plenty of coyotes, the animal kind, throughout Los Angeles.  We see them regularly on our private luxury tours in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu.  This one above, looking quite sleek and healthy, is an unusual close…

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Today’s Blog Brought to You by the Letter “H” 150 150 admin

Today’s Blog Brought to You by the Letter “H”

Work is underway now sprucing up the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee.  With paint donated by Sherwin Williams (nearly 400 gallons), this much needed restoration of the sign is the first thorough renovation in several decades.  The sign will be 90 years old next year and draws the attention of millions of visitors a year…

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Hollywood Signed 150 150 admin

Hollywood Signed

Young lovers in Hollywood, just below the famous landmark, marked this eucalyptus tree with their initials, perhaps inspired by the countless love stories filmed just down the hill.  Then again, maybe not.  Still, our tour specialist, Jeff, took this not so obvious photograph of the Hollywood Sign while showing his private luxury tour guests around…

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Take Those Narrow Roads Slowly 150 150 admin

Take Those Narrow Roads Slowly

There are narrow winding roads that we travel on our private luxury tours of Hollywood especially as we head up to see the Hollywood sign.  Riding through what was once Hollywoodland (established in 1923), a planned development accessible on horseback, it is a good idea to sit back and relax and drive those roads slowly…

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America’s Next Top Model 150 150 admin

America’s Next Top Model

Nothing marks a trip to Los Angeles better than a photograph posing in front of the Hollywood sign.  All our private, custom luxury tours around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills drive up through the Hollywood Hills until we are close enough to this most famous of billboards to take fantastic photos that our guests…

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There’s the Hollywood Sign 150 150 admin

There’s the Hollywood Sign

Riding up Beachwood Drive you get this wonderful view of the Hollywood sign up toward the top of Mt. Lee as a backdrop to the homes built along the canyon.  Folks on buses only get this close as larger vehicles cannot negotiate the twists and turns of the small canyon roads leading higher up the…

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