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Adventure Tours

Look, I’m Flying! 150 150 admin

Look, I’m Flying!

Indoor skydiving at iFLY at Universal Citywalk  

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The Gun That Won The West 150 150 admin

The Gun That Won The West

There is no more romantic firearm than the Colt six-shooters that blazed across the west as the country was settled.  Make visiting the Autry National Center a part of your experience when you tour Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The Autry Museum in Griffith Park, across from the Los Angeles Zoo, is a world…

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Rolling Stone on the Move 150 150 admin

Rolling Stone on the Move

Finally, the giant rock to be used in Michael Heizer’s art installation, Levitated Mass, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), is on the road and beginning its 11-night, 105 mile journey from a Riverside quarry to the museum on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile neighborhood.  Talk about a slow, custom tour…

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Wildlife of Beverly Hills 150 150 admin

Wildlife of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills at the dawn of mankind  

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Where the deer and the other deer play 150 150 admin

Where the deer and the other deer play

Observing the Observatory 150 150 admin

Observing the Observatory

In a helicopter above the Griffith Park Observatory

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Need a Little Magic in Your Life? 150 150 admin

Need a Little Magic in Your Life?

One of Hollywood’s real treats is a fine dinner followed by an extravagant stage show of illusions presented by the world’s greatest magicians.  Even more fun is the setting — a great old home full of tricks of its own.  Besides the grand stage there are numerous small stages and performing areas for “up close…

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Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too 150 150 admin

Sea Lions Like the Sun, Too

Catching rays in the marina aboard a private yacht

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Hike Lake Hollywood 150 150 admin

Hike Lake Hollywood

With views of the Pacific you can enjoy a hike around the lake below the Hollywood sign

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Chinese Sunset 150 150 admin

Chinese Sunset

Sunset is a terrific time to tour Hollywood

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