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Beware of the Sculls 150 150 admin

Beware of the Sculls

Peaceful, quiet and cool, the rowing team has its sculls out on the placid waters around Marina del Rey. Our guests relaxed to the calls of the coxswains with glasses of wine while on a private yacht tour of Marina del Rey.

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Doo Dah, Doo Dah! 150 150 admin

Doo Dah, Doo Dah!

  Pasadena is a great city, well operated, major technical university, rocket scientists, historic homes, a magnificent bridge, oh, and that annual New Years Day parade that everyone watches on television before the football game.  But when it comes time to loosen its tie, unbutton its collar, slip into something more comfortable and untwist its…

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What’s the Porpoise of It All? 150 150 admin

What’s the Porpoise of It All?

You can’t go anywhere without someone tagging along if you look like you are having a good time.  And we were.  This was a private luxury yacht tour out of Marina del Rey and up the Los Angeles coast to Malibu.  We enjoyed a fully catered gourmet lunch.  These cetaceans obviously wanted something to eat…

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Dodger Stadium – 50 Years Old 150 150 admin

Dodger Stadium – 50 Years Old

The cleanest stadium in all Major League Baseball (so says  We can believe it.  Despite recent controversies the Dodgers are a great team and play in a terrific stadium.  It is a grand baseball experience.  We suggest you join us for a 1-hour helicopter tour around Los Angeles plus a 3-hour ground tour to…

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Aye, Aye, Captain! 150 150 admin

Aye, Aye, Captain!

Ready to set sail, though no sails on this yacht, as we head out of Marina del Rey for a tour up the Santa Monica Bay coast to Malibu. Our private luxury yacht tour caters your lunch and caters to your seafaring needs as we view the magnificent beach homes of Malibu along the Los…

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A Horse is a Horse, of course, Unless It’s Striped 150 150 admin

A Horse is a Horse, of course, Unless It’s Striped

Fly in a comfortable helicopter around Los Angeles and land at a Malibu estate and winery for a private tasting session with lunch and a chance to get close to some exotic animals.

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Getting that Hollywood Sign Shot 150 150 admin

Getting that Hollywood Sign Shot

Say "Hollywood!" The great photos we take of our guests in front of the Hollywood sign look like this as they are being taken. Shhhhh, it's a secret.

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Fly Me to the Moon (or Staples Center) 150 150 admin

Fly Me to the Moon (or Staples Center)

Los Angeles by helicopter at night is spectacular, a breathtaking pastiche of colors and shapes that so few get to enjoy. Our rooftop helipad near the Staples Center is a great place to begin and end the flight.

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“Y,” because We Love You… 150 150 admin

“Y,” because We Love You…

It's a healthy but doable walk up Mt. Lee by the old Batman cave to see the Hollywood sign as most folks never do.

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A Modern Venice Gondola? 150 150 admin

A Modern Venice Gondola?

The canals are mostly gone but it's still fun to cruise around Venice on a Segway with Elite Adventure Tours

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