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Up, Up and Away, in My Beautiful Helicopter 150 150 admin

Up, Up and Away, in My Beautiful Helicopter

The spacious Eurocopter TwinStars we use for our private luxury helicopter tours over Los Angeles have excellent viewing in all directions from their large windows.  As we approach Bel Air from the ocean in this photograph you can see how much fun we have taking pictures of our guests using their cameras to capture every…

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The New Sikorsky 150 150 admin

The New Sikorsky

The most recent addition to the fleet of helicopters we have available for private luxury tours of Los Angeles and surrounding areas is the only Sikorsky S76 on the west coast.  This beautiful corporate twin jet helicopter offers amenities similar to what we have built into our own luxury vehicles.  Our guests can enjoy incredible…

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Go SIDEWAYS with Rex Pickett 150 150 admin

Go SIDEWAYS with Rex Pickett

We love taking our private luxury tour guests up past Santa Barbara to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley for a visit to wineries located in that region and made popular by the success of the film Sideways.  The drive to the Santa Ynez Valley in our luxury vehicle is spent watching the movie on the…

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There’s WHAT behind me? 150 150 admin

There’s WHAT behind me?

The TRANSFORMERS have arrived at Universal Studios in Hollywood.  The ride is astounding, 3D simulation at its best and everyone loves it.  The characters are generally easy to find except when they sneak up behind you.  The best way to enjoy TRANSFORMERS and all the other Universal Studios attractions is to take the VIP Experience…

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The Getty Villa from above 150 150 admin

The Getty Villa from above

After buzzing low over the Venice and Santa Monica beaches on a luxury helicopter tour of Los Angeles we rise up at the palisades and soon pass over this exquisite Roman-styled building, the Getty Villa.  Built in the late 1950’s down the hill from J.P. Getty’s estate it housed his collection of ancient Greek, Roman…

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Lunch is Ready – Segway on Over 150 150 admin

Lunch is Ready – Segway on Over

Not that riding along the Venice Boardwalk or along the beach in Santa Monica on a Segway is hard work, it’s the wonderful aromas of beach BBQ and the cooking smells arising from all the tiny eateries and restaurants along the way that get our juices flowing.  Fortunately, our private luxury tour guests enjoying a…

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A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour 150 150 admin

A Little Bit of Sunshine on Our Special Tour

After its star turn in Little Miss Sunshine this yellow Volkswagon microbus has been retired to a private Malibu vineyard to enjoy its golden years.  Like other extraordinary sights available to our private luxury tour guests who we have flown by helicopter to this secluded winery for an exclusive wine tasting experience and a gourmet…

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Escape the City for Wine 150 150 admin

Escape the City for Wine

As seen while landing in our helicopter at a private winery estate in the Malibu Hills, this rock formation is called Saddlerock. Our Urban Escape wine tasting adventure alights here for a catered lunch and private wine tasting session. Our guests enjoy their private, luxury tour and a chance to walk through the vineyard, see…

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Marry Me! 150 150 admin

Marry Me!

Most of the times the purpose of our helicopter tours is to show off the sights of Los Angeles from the air. But sometimes we end up with another reason for flying over all the great things to see in Los Angeles. In this case it was so that a marriage proposal could be offered.…

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There’s a Lake in Hollywood 150 150 admin

There’s a Lake in Hollywood

First filled (with more than 2.5 billion gallons of water) in 1925, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir is part of the Owens Valley water system that was designed by William Mulholland to provide a new and growing city of Los Angeles with the water it needed for survival and development.  This beautiful body of water is…

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