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Another Young Life Saved at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital 150 150 admin

Another Young Life Saved at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

We usually photograph our private luxury tour guests on a helicopter landing on a downtown skyscraper.  This time, though, we captured this rescue helicopter making a landing at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Founded in 1901, The Los Angeles Children’s hospital is the largest healthcare facility on the west coast of North America for children in critical condition…

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Hi to the High Sierra 150 150 admin

Hi to the High Sierra

We love packing up our private luxury tour guests for an adventure tour to Yosemite National Park.  Even better if we have a true hiking group ready to head up to Lake Vogelsang, elevation above 10,000 ft., to witness views such as this.  Crystal clear water, crystal blue skies, striking clear (and thin) air.  It…

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Not the Jetsons, But Close 150 150 admin

Not the Jetsons, But Close

Taking off and landing in a helicopter from our rooftop helipad in downtown Los Angeles is a wonderful experience.  It’s not quite the Jetsons, but it’s close.  Our private luxury tour consists of a 60-minute flight over the downtown core so you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dodger Stadium and Staples Center, the…

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Dancing with the Helicopters 150 150 admin

Dancing with the Helicopters

We only get to see this when our private luxury helicopter tours depart from the airport where the aircraft park overnight.  We take off in our Eurocopter Twinstar, a fun and comfortable aircraft for a Los Angeles tour experience, amidst the film production and news helicopters, sometimes all moving at the same time.  Our downtown…

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Ahoy, maties! That Yacht Looks Fine. 150 150 admin

Ahoy, maties! That Yacht Looks Fine.

California sea lions, those very large and very loud pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals) that populate our coast and love to be where people are also enjoy having their photos taken (we think).  Quite loquacious, raucous even, they call out to us from their No. 1 sunshine buoy as we pass by on a private luxury sea…

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Running Around Los Angeles 150 150 admin

Running Around Los Angeles

Today, a first for us, a Guest Blog.  Mark Caplan of Merion, PA asked if we would publish a brief (somewhat) account of his recollections and experiences jogging and biking in Los Angeles.  Since we incorporate fitness tours (hiking, biking, skating, horseback riding, whatever our guests desire) into our offerings, and one in particular he…

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Picture of a Picture 150 150 admin

Picture of a Picture

A major element of our private luxury tours of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood is our photography.  We carry a digital SLR camera at all times and know where the photographs can be taken.  We encourage our guests to take their own photographs and then we can shoot them taking their…

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Before the Aliens Lost 150 150 admin

Before the Aliens Lost

This jumbo jet crash site on the backlot of Universal Studios enthralls our private luxury tour guests when we take them on the VIP Experience tour of the studios.  The VIP Experience is the perfect complement to an Elite Adventure Tours excursion around Los Angeles and Hollywood because it, like us, pampers its guests.  At…

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Cool at the Pool, Playboy-style 150 150 admin

Cool at the Pool, Playboy-style

We are nice and cool flying above the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills on a very hot Los Angeles summer day.  The cool people visiting Hugh Hefner’s estate know how to stay cool at Hugh’s pool and grotto.  Our private luxury helicopter tour over the other mansions of Beverly Hills and Bel Air gave us…

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Buffaloes Above the Surf 150 150 admin

Buffaloes Above the Surf

This photograph was taken on a recent private luxury tour by helicopter to our favorite Malibu winery for a private tasting session (and gourmet picnic lunch) and then a stroll through the private zoo to pet the assorted friendly creatures enjoying a comfortable California lifestyle.  While most of our guests visiting Los Angeles are pleased…

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